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Angela’s Party Revisited: Sneak Peek of the new ‘Night of the Demons’

Posted on 04/25/10 by Deaditor 3 Comments

by Ben Bussey I know, another day, another remake story… but I’m getting a good vibe from this one, even though the movie in question has been awaiting release for a while now. Shock Till You Drop recently posted a clip boasting some footage from the remake of 80’s schlockbuster Night of the Demons – […]

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Vicious Vixen: Random

Posted on 12/18/09 by Deaditor No Comments

Name: Random Location: Dallas, Texas I am 21 years old. I work restaurants/retail and model on the side. I also sing opera and have recently started writing music. I just started modeling but I have work in Girls of Gore Calendar 2010 and work promos. I have lots of ideas and hope to get them […]

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Vicious Vixen: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Posted on 10/31/09 by Deaditor No Comments

I don’t know about you, but for Halloween I can’t think of a better canidate for a Brutal as Hell Vicious Vixen than that titilating hostest with the mostest, the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira. Elvira has served as the inspiration for countless horror hostesses throughout the years and essentially created the bar by which […]

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Vicious Vixen: April Burril AKA Chainsaw Sally

Posted on 10/23/09 by Deaditor 1 Comment

With Halloween right around the corner there’s no better time to highlight one of the dominating scream queens of horror than April Burril, who you probably better know as her moniker, Chainsaw Sally.  She’s the reigning queen of lowbrow horror hi-jinks, attracting the likes of Herschell Gordon Lewis to her productions, which have been helmed […]

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Vicious Vixen: Lilith Ave Satanas

Posted on 08/28/09 by Deaditor No Comments

Vicious Vixen: Lilith Ave Satanas I’m a Fetish/Alt/Goth/Metal (Insert whatever else you like there haha) Model from Chicago, IL. I was born on the north side of Chicago, but have lived in Milwaukee, WI and Hollywood, FL in my lifetime…and hopefully California soon! I love all things grotesque and morbid. My Dad got me into […]

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Vicious Vixen: Cameron Rodgers AKA Calamity Cam

Posted on 08/21/09 by Deaditor 7 Comments

I’m Cam, and I am a model, chef, hoop dancer, writer, soul train conductor, and textbook gemini. I model for H2Ocean, Ladies of Metal, The Gypsy Queens, Okie Studios, and various clothing companies. I love white candles, secrets, smoky rooms,  good wine, great cheese, and other stuff that makes me feel fancy. My favorite thing to […]

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Vicious Vixen: Dai Green

Posted on 08/03/09 by Deaditor No Comments

Dai (pronounced Day) started writing for a website last year before being picked up by the infamous BoneDigger on HorrorNews.net where she developed a nack for being thrown head first into the Independent and Major horror industries. She has since been a featured woman in the upcoming Welcome To My Darkside: Women In Horror documentary […]

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Vicious Vixen: Brooke Lewis

Posted on 07/26/09 by Deaditor 1 Comment

Vicious Vixen: Brooke Lewis Location: Hollywood, CA Websites: Phillychickpictures.com A native of Philadelphia, the vivacious and versatile Brooke Lewis has made a quick impact as both an actress and producer. Upon graduating from Temple University with a degree in Communications and Theatre, Brooke relocated to New York, where she began her professional career. Her first […]

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Vicious Vixen: Countess Grotesque

Posted on 07/17/09 by Deaditor No Comments

Vicious Vixen: Countess Grotesque Location: Melbourne, Australia Websites: www.countess–grotesque.com www.myspace.com/grotesquepuppy Bio: I currently reside in the art orientated city of Melbourne, Australia. I am predominantly an alternative concept model and make-up artist. As well as SFX make-up artist, stylist and more. My life revolves around my passion for creativity and the macabre. I believe the […]

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Vicious Vixen: Nikki Horror

Posted on 07/03/09 by Deaditor 3 Comments

Vicious Vixen: Nikki Horror Location: Southern California Photo Credits: Joe Hernandez Makeup and FX: Poffo Man FX   [imagebrowser id=3] Bloodline: Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian, Irish and English.   Day job: Waitress at a 1940’s diner and makeup artist on the side.   Night life: Industrial clubs like Perversion, Sabbat and Das Bunker with friends.   Music: […]

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