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Art House Indie Horror ‘Dust Box’ to Mark Follow Up to ‘Récompence’

Posted on 06/26/12 by Deaditor 3 Comments
Dust Box

by Marc Patterson Swedish filmmaker Ronny Carlsson’s short horror film Récompence blew both Annie and me away when we saw it, (reviewed here), so it is with a bit of excitement that I’m sharing this next bit of news. Carlsson is back at it with a follow-up to Récompence. This one is titled Dust Box […]

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Advance Review – Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era

Posted on 10/04/11 by Ben No Comments
Screaming in High Heels

Ben Bussey with a fairly exclusive early look at Jason Paul Collum’s documentary on the three female superstars of straight to video B-movies. The 1980s: arguably the era of film history that is closest to the heart of contemporary horror fandom. The genre enjoyed unprecedented mainstream success with all the great slasher franchises reigning supreme at the box […]

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UK DVD Review: Demons Rising

Posted on 06/05/11 by Ben 1 Comment

Demons Rising (2008) Distributor: MVM DVD Release date (UK): 6th June 2011 Directed by: William Lee Starring: William Lee, Talisha Battle, Donald A. Becker Review by: Stephanie Scaife Billed as an “action-adventure, horror, martial arts, crime drama, cult, vigilante, gangsta flick” Demons Rising is certainly a very ambitious film. William Lee is the director, writer, […]

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Interview: Jen & Sylvia Soska Talk Dead Hooker, American Mary, Catholicism and Spidey

Posted on 06/03/11 by Ben 1 Comment

Interview conducted by Ben Bussey Canada has given us some great things over the years: David Cronenberg; Neil Young; a place for America’s draft-dodgers to go. And now, Canada gives us one of the most exciting independent filmmaking teams around right now, Jen and Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions. I’ll be the first to […]

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UK DVD Review: Dead Hooker In A Trunk

Posted on 05/26/11 by Ben No Comments

Dead Hooker In A Trunk (2009) Distributor: Bounty Films/Eureka Video DVD Release Date: 23 May 2011 Directed by: Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska Starring: Ricki Gagne, Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, C J Wallis Review by: Ben Bussey If I’m not mistaken, I’ve never written a second review for the same film at Brutal As Hell. I’ve given my own […]

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The Indie Beat: Area 51 Exposed in ‘051: Confidential’

Posted on 05/04/11 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson It would seem our friends Brandon Slagle and Devanny Pinn never stop working, rolling from one film into the next. They just sent us the new (and first) trailer for their next project, a sci-fi horror film set around area 51, and self-described as “The Blair Witch meets Aliens” The “found footage” […]

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BIFFF Review: Stake Land

Posted on 04/25/11 by Ben No Comments

Stake Land (2010) Directed by: Jim Mickle Starring: Danielle Harris, Kelly McGillis, Connor Paolo, Nick Damici Review by: Nia Edwards-Behi The world has been ravaged by a disease that transforms people into vicious bloodsuckers. A teenager watches his family slaughtered and is rescued by the mysterious Mister, a tough vampire hunter who takes the boy […]

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The Indie Beat: Exclusive Behind the Scenes Images from Set of ‘Mother’s Blood’

Posted on 04/19/11 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson Our good friend Brian Shirley of Geek Tyrant just dropped a line giving us a quick update on the progress of a new indie film he’s involved with. The project is the latest from Dark Rider Studios, a small production company that from top to bottom is comprised of true fans of […]

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‘Straw Man (A Reckoning)’ – Interview with Leslie Simpson, A.D Barker & Adam Krajczynski

Posted on 03/30/11 by Ben 1 Comment

Interview by Nia Edwards-Behi Straw Man (A Reckoning) is a film that demands to be seen. Not your average low-budget indie project, it’s more Hour of the Wolf than the latest splatter-fest. A film of great quality and great heart, it presents the character of Lone Man as he struggles to survive in a barren, […]

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Indie Horror News: ‘Slices of Life’ Gets Picked up For VOD Release

Posted on 02/02/11 by Deaditor 1 Comment

by Marc Patterson Yesterday we received news that Slices of Life (review here) will be made available to fans of horror nationwide via a deal with Gravitas VOD. This deal will make the film (to be known as 3 Slices of Life), available to cable, satellite and telco VOD providers that include AT&T, U-Verse, Charter […]

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The Indie Beat: ‘Marcus Miller: The Orphan Killer’ Comes Home

Posted on 01/25/11 by Deaditor 1 Comment

by Marc Patterson Sometimes there’s just jack and shit that is newsworthy in the world of horror. Yeah, I just posted that bit about Slash, but that was a highlight. You know, I should be breathing a sigh of relief coming off of yesterday when all the rage was that Kevin Smith film and Lucky […]

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The Indie Beat: Psychological Horror Film ‘Absentia’ Rolls Out Official Trailer

Posted on 12/27/10 by Deaditor 1 Comment

by Marc Patterson While our friends on the east coast are digging out from our first major snow storm (I spent nearly 4 hours digging, snowblowing, and shoveling) I figured I might as well warm myself up with a nice scotch and some indie horror. We just got news of a new project called Absentia. […]

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The Indie Beat: Exclusive ‘VIViD’ Images

Posted on 12/19/10 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson Just moments ago filmmaker and actor Brandon Slagle sent us some cool new images from his upcoming production VIViD that are exclusive to Brutal As Hell. VIViD is now approaching the end of production and ready to move to post. The film is about “A group of individuals selected due to various […]

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The Indie Beat: Supernatural Horror Flick ‘Half Moon’ DVD Release Date

Posted on 12/16/10 by Deaditor 2 Comments

by Marc Patterson I love the irony of this announcement. Jason Toler’s new supernatural horror film Half Moon will be getting a March 1 release date from Breaking Glass Pictures. That’s not the ironic part. That’s just the news. From the DVD art to the side (and in full size below – along with another […]

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The Indie Beat: The Twisted Twins are Ready to Rock Us Again with ‘American Mary’

Posted on 12/15/10 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson You know – I disappear into Jersey for not but two days and all sorts of crazy shit starts going on. Jen and Sylvia Soska have really had the indie horror scene talking this past year. Their yet to be distributed film Dead Hooker in a Trunk has been making waves and […]

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Red Band Trailer for ‘Alien Girl’ – Russian Gang Violence Explodes!

Posted on 12/07/10 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson If you’re thinking that Alien Girl is going to be the latest SyFy made for TV schlock think again. This is so far to the opposite end of the spectrum that you’re going to be shocked when you finally scroll down and watch this trailer. It’s a film from Russia that frankly […]

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The Indie Beat: Casting Call: ‘Juno’ gets Bound in ‘The Sessionist’

Posted on 11/29/10 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson Just moments ago we got word from our good friend Tara Cardinal of a new interesting project she’s producing called The Sessionist. It’s described as a film “in the vein of Juno”, a rather interesting choice of comparison when it comes to the world of horror. Even more interesting as it mixes […]

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