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DVD Review: Zombie Resurrection (2013)

Posted on 03/03/15 by Ben

Review: Within Madness (2015)

Posted on 03/02/15 by Ben

DVD Review: Clown (2014)

Posted on 02/28/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea Hating clowns is pretty much a religious observance in Western culture. No one really needs to explain, ‘I hate clowns’, and no one ever seems to be indifferent to them, let alone like the things, save for women of a certain age who are into naff figurines; it’s weird, though, that so […]

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DVD Review: The ABCs of Death 2 (2014)

Posted on 02/27/15 by Ben

Review: Holy Hell (2015)

Posted on 02/25/15 by Ben
Holy Hell poster 2015

By Ben Bussey Hard to believe it’s almost eight years since Rodriguez and Tarantino released their ambitious double-feature Grindhouse in US cinemas to a staggering lack of success. Stranger still to think that a cinematic venture that was deemed a colossal failure on release has in fact proved so influential that we’re still feeling its […]

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Review: Tokyo Tribe (2014)

Posted on 02/25/15 by Ben
Tokyo Tribe

By Tristan Bishop Japanese director Sion Sono has been gradually making an international name for himself since the eighties. He really started attracting attention in 2001 with the gruesome and creepy Suicide Club, riding the J-horror wave that exploded after Hideo Nakata’s Ringu (1998), and in recent years has seen enormous critical success with 2010’s […]

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Blu-Ray Review: The Avengers Series 4 (1965)

Posted on 02/23/15 by Ben

Blu-Ray Review: Rabid (1977)

Posted on 02/21/15 by Ben
Rabid - Arrow Video Blu-Ray

By Nia Edwards-Behi It was recently reported that David Cronenberg is no fan of self-appointed online film critics who lack the backing of a legitimate powerhouse of say, a newspaper. Well, if he’s right, here’s hoping I’m one of the ‘quite good’ ones, even if I do continue to ‘dilute’ the voices of those real […]

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DVD Review: Hardware (1990)

Posted on 02/20/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea Post-apocalyptic or dystopian movies always seem to be balanced on a knife-edge, both telling audiences about certain anxieties that existed for the future, whilst also being very much of the time when they were made; they act as both time-capsule and time machine. In the case of Hardware, re-released here on its […]

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VOD Review: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014)

Posted on 02/19/15 by Ben

DVD Review: Enemy (2013)

Posted on 02/18/15 by Ben

DVD Review: Annabelle (2014)

Posted on 02/17/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey I’m not sure I need to open on a disclaimer, but I really feel the need to emphasise straight away that I am not in any way biased against mainstream horror. There does tend to be this default ‘mainstream bad, indie good’ mentality that comes up among self-professed serious genre fans, but […]

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Comic Review: Sanctum (2001)

Posted on 02/17/15 by Ben

DVD Review: The Babadook (2013)

Posted on 02/16/15 by Keri
babadook cover

By Keri O’Shea Amelia (Essie Davis) is a woman for whom the cliche ‘on the edge’ barely even covers it. A single mother whose partner died taking her to the hospital to give birth to their son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), she has in the nearly-seven years since then barely really existed; she holds down a […]

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DVD Review: Summer of Blood (2014)

Posted on 02/16/15 by Ben

Film Review: Avenged (2013)

Posted on 02/12/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea The rape/revenge motif has been a staple in exploitation cinema for decades, and judging by the indie output of the last ten years or so, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, either. I Spit On Your Grave has been blue-filtered and re-calibrated – more than once – for a younger generation, the […]

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DVD Review: Wolves (2014)

Posted on 02/12/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi I was offered Wolves for review because somehow my esteemed editor knew that a film aimed at teens about werewolves and starring Jason Momoa would be appealing to me. He was certainly correct, and so cheerily I took on the task, expecting a slightly blood-and-sexed-up version of Twilight: New Moon, only without […]

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