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Review: 31 (2016)

Posted on 09/23/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey If you’ll pardon me starting off on a topical note; it’s hard not to see some parallels between the enduring filmmaking career of Rob Zombie, and the political progress of Donald Trump. Hear me out on this one. From the very beginning, few people expected either man to succeed in their new […]

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Review: BB (2016)

Posted on 09/22/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey While sex work in any capacity tends to be euphemistically dubbed ‘the oldest profession,’ no facet of that field is more uniquely modern than that of the cam girl, a performer entertaining untold numbers of strangers online with intimate displays into webcams. Naturally this is a subject matter that’s begging to be […]

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DVD Review: Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex (2015)

Posted on 09/20/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey It seems like we’ve been calling practical special effects and special make-up effects a dying art for more than twenty years, yet here we are in 2016 and the art form still has vast swathes of admirers advocating its return to prominence in a cinematic landscape which seems overrun with CGI. This […]

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Review: Blair Witch (2016)

Posted on 09/20/16 by Ben
Blair Witch

By Dustin Hall Blair Witch, the surprise sequel to the original smash The Blair Witch Project is upon us. Creeping out of the woods seemingly from nowhere, this movie brings its audience full circle, trapping us in a sort of time loop… Jesus, do I hear Limp Bizkit playing off in the distance? Let me […]

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Review: House of VHS (2016)

Posted on 09/16/16 by Ben

By Quin If you have ever handled a VHS tape, you may remember the advisory written on the edge telling you not to touch the tape inside. Some tapes also had instructions as to which end to insert into the VCR – which always seemed intuitive enough to me. But that advisory always made me […]

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Book Review: FrightFest Guide – Exploitation Movies, by Alan Jones

Posted on 09/12/16 by Ben
FrightFest Guide To Exploitation Movies-coverWEB

By Ben Bussey The 17th annual FrightFest may have not long since come to an end after its five day reign of terror in London – but, like any monster worth its salt, it keeps on coming back bigger, stronger and nastier. So it is that the FrightFest brand continues to expand. Having already moved […]

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Film Review: Don’t Breathe (2016)

Posted on 09/10/16 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea If ever you felt cordially invited to loathe a set of characters within the first few minutes of a film, then Don’t Breathe seems to offer it; we’re shown, from the outset, a group of three young housebreakers who use their ill-begotten insider info to get in to well-to-do homes, take as […]

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Blu-Ray Review: Stigmata (1999)

Posted on 09/08/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey 1999 saw the sudden emergence of a fairly unique cinematic trend: glossy Biblical horror movies with Gabriel Byrne in them. One of these was End of Days, which cast the charismatic Irish actor as Satan and pit him against a grizzled Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s charged with protecting the main girl from The […]

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DVD Review: The Wave (2015)

Posted on 09/05/16 by Ben
the wave dvd

By Keri O’Shea A lot of the films we cover on the site relate to the great ‘what if?’, the playing out of fantastical scenarios, some more realistic, many supernatural and many fairly impossible if not utterly so – but a genre we rarely get asked to cover is the disaster movie. It’s strange that […]

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Review: Dolly Deadly (2015)

Posted on 08/31/16 by Ben
Dolly Deadly - Legless Corpse Blu-ray

By Ben Bussey One simple fact about horror, which any vaguely knowledgeable fan can tell you but which seems so often to be forgotten by the wider audience, is that the genre first and foremost speaks to and for the outsider, the ‘other,’ those who for whatever reason cannot find a place for themselves in […]

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Blu-Ray Review: Sid and Nancy (1986)

Posted on 08/26/16 by Ben
Sid and Nancy - Studiocanal Blu-ray

By Ben Bussey Biopics are always tricky. Bring any true life story to the screen, and questions will always be asked about just how accurate a representation of the events it really is. These concerns are amplified when the story in question is fresh in the popular consciousness, and centres on figures of some cultural […]

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Review: The Neon Dead (2015)

Posted on 08/24/16 by Ben
The Neon Dead

By Karolina Gruschka Going by the artwork and the trailer for VFX artist Torey Haas‘ (V/H/S Viral, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie) first attempt at directing a feature, I had high hopes for The Neon Dead. I was expecting to see a serious horror film interlaced with comedic elements and a camp sensibility; the […]

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Blu-ray Review: The Bloodstained Butterfly (1971)

Posted on 08/19/16 by Keri
bloodstained dvd

By Keri O’Shea When is a giallo not a giallo? Sure, the cinematic tradition is expected to deliver crime drama as per the print publications which gave us the term ‘giallo’ in the first place, but the expectation is also there of a certain aesthetic on our screens, usually invoking sexuality as well as criminality; […]

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Review: The Shallows (2016)

Posted on 08/17/16 by Ben
The Shallows 2016 poster

By Ben Bussey Isn’t it well past time that sharks became truly scary again? Beyond the original Jaws, it’s debatable any film has ever presented those formidable sea dwellers as true objects of terror, and in recent years it’s pretty much a given that any film which features the creatures in the title is going […]

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DVD Review: Tank 432 (Belly of the Bulldog) (2015)

Posted on 08/16/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey When the most prominent words in the PR of a new release are ‘from executive producer Ben Wheatley,’ two key thoughts immediately come to mind: firstly, it’s a shame that writer-director Nick Gillespie doesn’t get full credit for his own work (although he’s hardly the first director to be overshadowed by an […]

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Review: Chopping Block (2016)

Posted on 08/08/16 by Ben
Chopping Block

By Ben Bussey I’ve reviewed more than my fair share of no-budget horror movies over the years, and it often proves a challenging business. The same complaints come up time and again; horrendous production values frequently render the action almost impossible to follow, and more often than not the subpar writing and acting mean that […]

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Blu-Ray Review: Female Prisoner Scorpion – The Complete Collection

Posted on 08/03/16 by Keri
scorpion arrow box

By Keri O’Shea Imagine a sequence of films, emanating from Japan over forty years ago, which melded – literally – riotously strong female characters with insurrection, violence, sexuality and even the odd dash of social commentary. ‘Women in prison’ films (for the most part) like no other, the Female Convict movies (or ‘Female Prisoner’, in […]

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