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Review: The Rezort (2015)

Posted on 10/20/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey As high concept one sentence pitches go, ‘Jurassic Park with zombies’ isn’t a bad one. Playing on much the same vacation from hell theme, The Rezort presents us with a literally post-apocalyptic vision of a world which has survived a rampant zombie plague. A few years on, with the world’s (living) population reduced […]

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DVD Review: One Million Years BC (1966)

Posted on 10/18/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Do creature features get much more iconic than this? The classic combination of eye-catching monster and attractive leading lady has served filmmakers well over the decades, but to take one of the most renowned big screen beauties of all time and pit her against the creations of the most celebrated creator of […]

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Review: Wekufe: El Origen del Mal (The Origin of Evil) (2016)

Posted on 10/13/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey The recent release of Blair Witch, to considerably lower box office and critical acclaim than anticipated, prompted my colleague Dustin Hall to question whether the film marked the last nail in the coffin of the found footage horror movie, remarking that it would be a “sad, but fitting place to end” the […]

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Review: Phantasm: Ravager (2016), plus a Look Back at 40 Years With the Tall Man

Posted on 10/12/16 by Ben

By Dustin Hall As the fifth and final Phantasm film hits the screens, we examine it and have a look at the previous installments in the legendary cult classic. One last time, let the Tall Man release you from your imperfect flesh, which ties you to time and space… But before looking at Ravager, let […]

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Blu-ray Review: The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast

Posted on 10/12/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey It’s a curious sensation when cheap, willfully base trash attains a sense of real poignancy. Who could have known back when Arrow Video first announced this mighty Herschell Gordon Lewis box set back in the summer that the man himself would not live to see its release? Still, as sad as Lewis’s […]

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Review: Plank Face (2016)

Posted on 10/07/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey One of the exciting things about the contemporary indie horror scene is that, as a seemingly increasing number of filmmakers opt to self-distribute their own work, the more prolific among them may put out two or more films per year. A hell of a lot of work for the filmmakers, no doubt, but […]

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DVD Review: Shelley (2016)

Posted on 10/05/16 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea As a willing outsider to parenthood, it’s not too much of a reach for me to see the whole thing rather as some very fine horror movies have seen it – as something alienating, pervasive and often irrational. Having children is something most people sign up to eventually, or often yearn to […]

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DVD Review: Grave Walkers (AKA Live Evil) (2015)

Posted on 10/04/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey There’s nothing too out of the ordinary about being left disappointed by a low budget indie horror movie from a largely unknown cast and crew. However, there’s a particularly bitter sting to this sensation when the film in question shows so much promise, and ticks so many of your personal boxes for […]

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DVD Review: The Last King (2016)

Posted on 10/03/16 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea I hope that I’m not doing the film being reviewed a disservice to immediately mention Game of Thrones here, but it sees that the success of the latter is now so huge that there’s a large battle-shaped void in our viewing when the latter disappears from our screens for another year, and […]

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Review: Vampyres (2015)

Posted on 09/28/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey I should probably open this with an NSFW disclaimer. Of course, if you’ve already clicked into this page, then you’ve seen the photo above. Sorry. Hope you didn’t just lose your job. But it serves you right for reading about a lesbian vampire movie in the workplace. Anyway… I’d almost completely forgotten […]

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DVD Review: The Evil In Us (2016)

Posted on 09/25/16 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea You know, it’s funny. I’ve spent around fifteen years writing about horror cinema – for a variety of audience sizes from one upwards – but in all that time I’ve never been for a wild weekend in a remote cabin, and nor do I know anyone who has. Perhaps it’s just not […]

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Review: 31 (2016)

Posted on 09/23/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey If you’ll pardon me starting off on a topical note; it’s hard not to see some parallels between the enduring filmmaking career of Rob Zombie, and the political progress of Donald Trump. Hear me out on this one. From the very beginning, few people expected either man to succeed in their new […]

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Review: BB (2016)

Posted on 09/22/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey While sex work in any capacity tends to be euphemistically dubbed ‘the oldest profession,’ no facet of that field is more uniquely modern than that of the cam girl, a performer entertaining untold numbers of strangers online with intimate displays into webcams. Naturally this is a subject matter that’s begging to be […]

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DVD Review: Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex (2015)

Posted on 09/20/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey It seems like we’ve been calling practical special effects and special make-up effects a dying art for more than twenty years, yet here we are in 2016 and the art form still has vast swathes of admirers advocating its return to prominence in a cinematic landscape which seems overrun with CGI. This […]

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Review: Blair Witch (2016)

Posted on 09/20/16 by Ben
Blair Witch

By Dustin Hall Blair Witch, the surprise sequel to the original smash The Blair Witch Project is upon us. Creeping out of the woods seemingly from nowhere, this movie brings its audience full circle, trapping us in a sort of time loop… Jesus, do I hear Limp Bizkit playing off in the distance? Let me […]

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Review: House of VHS (2016)

Posted on 09/16/16 by Ben

By Quin If you have ever handled a VHS tape, you may remember the advisory written on the edge telling you not to touch the tape inside. Some tapes also had instructions as to which end to insert into the VCR – which always seemed intuitive enough to me. But that advisory always made me […]

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Book Review: FrightFest Guide – Exploitation Movies, by Alan Jones

Posted on 09/12/16 by Ben
FrightFest Guide To Exploitation Movies-coverWEB

By Ben Bussey The 17th annual FrightFest may have not long since come to an end after its five day reign of terror in London – but, like any monster worth its salt, it keeps on coming back bigger, stronger and nastier. So it is that the FrightFest brand continues to expand. Having already moved […]

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