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Redband Trailer For First Person Shooter Zombie Movie, Pandemic

Posted on 02/03/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Okay, we’ve had first person perspective slasher movie You Are Not Alone, and now we’ve got another movie putting us directly into the head of the protagonist – this time in the face of a zombie apocalypse (or not, if you’re one of those pedants who goes nuts anytime someone calls 28 […]

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Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Made a Short Film & It Looks Great

Posted on 02/03/16 by Ben
Yellow Road

By Nia Edwards-Behi We make no secret of our love of Japanese splatter cinema here at BaH, and one of the kings of the genre is undoubtedly Yoshihiro Nishimura. Last year he directed The Ninja War of Torakage, and has been busy working in his capacity as ace special effects maestro on Attack on Titan […]

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Director’s Cut Clip Makes Us Say “Wow, So That’s What Teller’s Voice Sounds Like”

Posted on 02/02/16 by Ben
Director's Cut - Teller

By Ben Bussey When we got the trailer for Director’s Cut, Penn Jillette’s first effort as actor and writer in a horror movie (with directing duties going to Adam Rifkin), I suggested that Teller had perhaps been buried under the patio. Turns out I was dead wrong, as this new clip from the meta-horror comedy […]

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Tex Montana Will Survive! Launches Kickstarter Campaign With A Difference

Posted on 01/28/16 by Ben
Tex Montana Will Survive

By Ben Bussey 2012’s The Battery seemed to be one of the most divisive and unorthodox zombie movies of recent years, and now the filmmakers responsible are back with another movie which looks altogether different – and, most notably, with some altogether different ideas as to how to distribute it. We’ve said it before and […]

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Want Creatures? Here’s Your Chance to Support Terry Jones Adaptation ‘The Truthful Phone’

Posted on 01/27/16 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea We’ve said many times here that we’re rather fussy when it comes to promoting Kickstarter projects; sure, it’d generate us a lot of content, but we just don’t find that many prospective films that we want to shout about from the rooftops. That isn’t the case with newly-announced project The Truthful Phone, […]

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Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies Teaser Trailer

Posted on 01/26/16 by Ben
Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies

By Ben Bussey More Dead Snow, anyone? No, this upcoming horror comedy isn’t another installment in Tommy Wirkola’s snowbound Nazi zombie series, but it looks to be in very much the same vein based on the brief trailer below – which we’re a little late to the party with here, as it’s been online almost […]

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Trailer for Zom-Rom-Com Clinger, Coming to UK DVD & Digital

Posted on 01/25/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Isn’t it curious how things come around? Barely two weeks ago in her review of the very good Nina Forever, Keri pondered the lack of beyond-the-dead romances (i.e. Return of the Living Dead 3, Life After Beth, Burying the Ex) in which the partner to return from the grave is male. Well, […]

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Get Loved Up With The Love Witch Trailer

Posted on 01/24/16 by Ben
The Love Witch_

By Ben Bussey I think it’s fair to say the neo-retro pastiche aesthetic we’ve seen so much of in horror and cult/indie film for the past decade (yes, decade – it’s practically nine years since Grindhouse came out) has long been in grave danger of becoming as much of a tired cliche as all the […]

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Trailer, Poster & Stills For UK Post-Apocalyptic Thriller The Survivalist

Posted on 01/21/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Having already earned its writer-director Stephen Fingleton a BAFTA nomination for most outstanding debut, The Survivalist will soon be making its way to British screens so we can see just how outstanding it is for ourselves. Based on the trailer and synopsis, I’m certainly intrigued – and the fact that one quoted […]

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In No Way Are We Sharing This Bone Tomahawk Trailer For Nepotistic Reasons

Posted on 01/20/16 by Ben
Bone Tomahawk

By Ben Bussey Hopefully you’re aware of Bone Tomahawk by now. Perhaps you know of it as the other Kurt Russell western making it to cinemas in 2016; otherwise, you may remember it as one of the most talked-about movies at the festivals last year. Among those to get an early look at S Craig […]

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Kurtwood Smith Reporting For Badass Duty in Hard Scrambled Teaser Trailer

Posted on 01/20/16 by Ben
Hard Scrambled - Kurtwood Smith

By Ben Bussey Kurtwood Smith is one fascinating actor. The vast majority of his career has been spent playing straight-laced conservative authority figures – stern fathers, generals and whatnot – and yet ask anybody what they know him best for, and it’s that one superlatively batshit crazy role that let him chew the scenery to […]

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Happy 70th Birthday, David Lynch!

Posted on 01/20/16 by Ben
David Lynch

By Keri O’Shea As brilliant a range of directors as we have currently working in film and TV, very few of them have given their own adjective to the English language – but our beloved David Lynch, who celebrates his 70th birthday today, has done just that. ‘Lynchian’ is a term I’ve certainly used, usually […]

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Penn Jillette Goes Psychotic In Director’s Cut Trailer

Posted on 01/19/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey I’d almost forgotten this was in the works. Penn Jillette, bad boy of magic and outspoken anti-bullshitter in cahoots with his hetero life partner Teller, is taking a step in a different direction with his first horror movie leading role. (Dunno where Teller is; buried in the back yard in several bags, […]

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The Green Inferno Finally Taking a Bite out of the UK

Posted on 01/19/16 by Ben
The Green Inferno Entertainment One DVD

By Ben Bussey I can’t pretend to know the ins and outs of the behind the scenes brouhaha that’s kept Eli Roth’s jungle cannibal flick The Green Inferno from general release for the better part of three years. Having never been especially enamoured with the director’s work, I didn’t particularly care. But I know I […]

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Teaser Trailer & Poster For Green Room

Posted on 01/15/16 by Ben
Green Room

By Ben Bussey Though it largely passed us by on release, Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin was a remarkably tense and atmospheric thriller which clearly marked out the writer-director as one to keep an eye on – and early word is that his follow-up movie Green Room more than delivers on that promise. I’ve been intrigued […]

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Black Philip Takes Spotlight in New Trailer for The Witch

Posted on 01/13/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey When the official theatrical poster for The Witch was released in December, we quite reasonably took exception to how fast and loose it was playing with the material, seeming to promise unsuspecting punters a film quite unlike that which they would actually be seeing. Happily, we cannot say the same of this […]

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Herschell Gordon Lewis Splattering Screens Again in Bloodmania – New Promo Art

Posted on 01/13/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey The Godfather of Gore is back in action, still doing what he does best – painting the screen red – even though he’s long since reached when you’d expect him to be doing nothing but sipping tea, playing bingo, and grumbling at extreme length to no one in particular about how things […]

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