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The mold knows you need to watch this Motivational Growth trailer

Posted on 09/02/14 by Ben
Motivational Growth

By Ben Bussey One of the real stand-out films on the horror festival scene last year was this one, the debut feature of writer-director Don Thacker. Oddball doesn’t begin to cover it: Motivational Growth is on the one hand a theatrical exercise in intimacy and minimalism, and on the other the most bizarro body horror [...]

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ABCs of Death 2 trailer promises plentiful gruesome death & weirdness, believe it or not

Posted on 09/02/14 by Ben
ABCs of Death 2

By Ben Bussey Anyone here in search of conventional coherent narrative structure, good taste and restraint? Didn’t think so. The ABCs of Death 2 is almost upon us, and from the looks of things it’s set to be as disjointed, bizarre and ridiculously violent (or should that be violently ridiculous?) as its 2012 predecessor, this [...]

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Hellmouth trailer goes seriously old-school

Posted on 09/01/14 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Now this was a little unexpected. When the original, very eye-catching poster for Hellmouth first appeared online a good long while ago, it seemed to hint at some good ol’ fashioned spookiness – but I for one didn’t anticipate something quite so old-fashioned as suggested by the new trailer below. Other sites [...]

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[REC]4: Apocalypse – It’s the Final Trailer (Apparently)

Posted on 08/29/14 by Ben

By Ben Bussey I don’t really have much to say that I haven’t said a bunch of times already in relation to [REC]4… can we just see the damn movie now please?

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Lionsgate to mark a decade of Saw with theatrical re-release

Posted on 08/28/14 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Love it or hate it, Saw is one of those franchises you just can’t ignore. Many – myself included – didn’t see anything especially groundbreaking about James Wan’s 2004 original, and grew increasingly bored as the sequels were churned out year after year. Even so, there can be no question that, hand in hand [...]

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Grimmfest 2014 to open with Let Us Prey

Posted on 08/27/14 by Ben
Let Us Prey

By Ben Bussey You may recall the rather impressive teaser trailer for Let Us Prey which popped up back in April; well, UK festival goers will soon get the chance to see whether the full-length movie lives up to it, as Manchester’s Grimmfest have announced the film (in its ‘English Premiere’) as their opening feature, with key [...]

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Mummy came in my house – The Pyramid trailer

Posted on 08/27/14 by Ben
The Pyramid

By Ben Bussey When was the last time we had a great mummy movie? (“What about 2008′s The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor?” answered absolutely no-one.) Despite being one of the early staples of the horror genre in the good ol’ days of Universal, shuffling bandage-clad ghouls and all their Egytological trappings seem to [...]

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Sasquatch Horror is a Thing Now: Eduardo ‘Blair Witch’ Sánchez takes us back to the woods…

Posted on 08/26/14 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea So, Twitch broke the news earlier today that the first trailer for Exists, the upcoming horror by Blair Witch/Lovely Molly director Eduardo Sánchez, has gone live – and although like Blair Witch, it’s found footage of a ‘don’t go into the woods’ variety, this time the derivation of the horror’s rather different [...]

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First trailer for Franck Khalfoun’s Amityville: the Awakening

Posted on 08/26/14 by Ben

By Ben Bussey What a strange mix of emotions this brings. On the one hand: hooray, another Franck Khalfoun movie! On the other: ugh, another Amityville? And not just any Amityville, but one from Blumhouse, who haven’t exactly been short of haunted house franchises of their own what with all those Paranormal Activity and Insidious [...]

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Yep, sex still sells – See No Evil 2 clip

Posted on 08/25/14 by Ben
See No Evil 2

By Ben Bussey I doubt anyone who saw American Mary thought it would be the last time that Katharine Isabelle would appear in front of the camera for Jen and Sylvia Soska. That said, I also doubt that anyone anticipated the Soskas luring her back so she could straddle the alleged corpse of a slasher [...]

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Celluloid Screams reveal Brian Yuzna as 2014 Guest of Honour

Posted on 08/22/14 by Ben
Brian Yuzna

By Ben Bussey Sheffield is looking like a very good place to be this October, as the city’s annual horror festival Celluloid Screams have just revealed they will be bringing none other than esteemed producer/director Brian Yuzna to this year’s event – where he will introduce screenings of three of his best-loved movies. Read on [...]

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Hell on Earth in The Demon’s Rook trailer

Posted on 08/21/14 by Ben
The Demon's Rook

By Ben Bussey This is one of those “damn, why weren’t we more aware of this one before now?” moments. This trailer for The Demon’s Rook has been online over a week, the film itself has already garnered some good festival reviews (we somehow even missed that it played at last year’s FrightFest), and on [...]

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The Mantis Rises…Argento’s Dracula Gets UK Release

Posted on 08/21/14 by Keri
He vants to suck your...blood?

By Keri O’Shea Well, here’s some news for those of you who like to splice your horror movies with Animal Planet: it seems that Dario Argento’s erstwhile take on Dracula will soon be available for your viewing pleasure in the UK. The folks at Spirit Entertainment have earmarked 29th September 2014 for a release date: [...]

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Watch the first five minutes of new giallo Sonno Profondo

Posted on 08/19/14 by Ben
Sonno Profondo DVD Cover

By Ben Bussey Since Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, plenty of new movies have come along trying to get that ‘lost film from the 70s/80s’ vibe. Few have quite managed to get it right – but from the looks of things the upcoming Sonno Profondo might just have hit the nail directly on the head, most [...]

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FrightFest/Horror Channel filmmaking contest Shortcuts To Hell 2 announces finalists

Posted on 08/19/14 by Ben
All Inclusive-WEB-2

By Ben Bussey We’re mere days away from this year’s Film4 FrightFest taking over the Vue West End in London’s Leicester Square, and as excited as all festival pass holders will no doubt be, it’s likely to be an especially nerve-shredding experience for the makers of the three short films that have been picked for this [...]

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Behold – the uncut opening scene of Soulmate

Posted on 08/19/14 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Hopefully, readers may recall our recent shock and dismay at the BBFC’s decision to cut the opening sequence of writer-director Axelle Carolyn’s debut feature Soulmate. Not only did this strike us (and pretty much everyone else who’s seen the film) as ludicrously heavy-handed and unnecessary, it also means – as our own [...]

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RIP Madeleine Collinson

Posted on 08/17/14 by Ben
Twins of Evil

By Ben Bussey It pains me to inform that another iconic scream queen has left us. Madeleine Collinson, Malta-born twin sister of her Twins of Evil co-star Mary, has reportedly died aged 62. The announcement comes via Our Disappearing Planet, an eco-charity site of which the Collinson twins were supporters, with the simple message “we [...]

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