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Long-Delayed Trailer For Stephen King’s Cell

Posted on 04/27/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Colour me surprised. This movie has been delayed so long, I felt almost certain it was doomed to shuffle out direct to DVD with barely a whimper. Those with long memories may recall that a movie adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 novel Cell was announced almost as soon as the book hit […]

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New Documentary To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story Announced

Posted on 04/22/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Think of the great, iconic horror antagonists of our time; then ask yourself which of them looks most like they might actually kill you for real. Inevitably, the name Kane Hodder will come to mind. He’s long been a genre legend thanks to his time as the longest-serving and most highly regarded […]

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Behold The Very Fashion-Forward Trailer For Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon

Posted on 04/14/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey I’ve long been wondering what to expect from this one – and it would appear the answer would be, something very Refn. From the brief glimpses of The Neon Demon that we get in the trailer below, there’s no mistaking that this sinister tale set in the LA fashion world is the […]

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Scream in Awe at Godzilla Resurgence Trailer

Posted on 04/14/16 by Ben
Godzilla Resurgence

By Ben Bussey Oh yes. He’s back on his home turf, and from the looks of things he really means business. While we already had one very brief teaser trailer for Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s Godzilla Resurgence (AKA Shin Gojira), this is our first look at the King of the Monsters 2016 model in […]

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Hell Yes: Arrow Video Bring Us Female Prisoner Scorpion: The Complete Collection This Summer

Posted on 04/08/16 by Ben
Female Prisoner Scorpion Complete Arrow Video

By Ben Bussey Oh, Arrow Video, will you ever stop spoiling us? At least a few times a year the UK-based label put out a couple of titles that go straight to the top of everyone’s must-buy list, and now they’ve gone and done it again by putting out the legendary Female Prisoner Scorpion series […]

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Legless Corpse Films Bring Indie Anthology Volumes Of Blood to DVD & Blu-ray

Posted on 04/06/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey From a library in Kentucky, to your very own living room! 2015 indie anthology horror Volumes of Blood (which, as you may have seen, already has a sequel in the works – Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories) has been picked up for US distribution by Legless Corpse Films, who will be releasing […]

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Cigarette Burns and The London Barbican Showcase the Women of Giallo This June

Posted on 04/06/16 by Ben
All the Colours of the Dark Edwige Fenech

By Nia Edwards-Behi Cigarette Burns has gone and done it again with another exciting season of films in store. Throughout June the Barbican will play host to She’s so Giallo – Women of 1970s Italian Thrillers, a series of four giallos screened from 16mm or 35mm prints. The first of these is Four Flies on […]

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Andrew David Barker’s A Reckoning Released Free Online

Posted on 04/04/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey BAH readers with long memories may recall a few years back we raved about a 2009 microbudget British indie initially entitled Straw Man, later retitled A Reckoning, starring Leslie Simpson and Axelle Carolyn. An unconventional post-apocalyptic drama, Nia praised it back in 2011 as “a unique film that should be seen by many,” […]

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The Tell-Tale Heart, With Rose McGowan & Peter Bogdanovich, Coming To US DVD & VOD

Posted on 03/23/16 by Ben
The Tell-Tale Heart Falko Ink DVD

By Ben Bussey You can be forgiven for forgetting (or, indeed, never having been aware) that this film was coming. It’s been almost five years since the first images from the film came online, and the best part of three since we saw the first trailer; hell, Rose McGowan has quite publicly quit acting in […]

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Neo-Giallo Francesca Lands US Distribution

Posted on 03/23/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey American readers – time to crack open a bottle of J&B, as we’ve just had word from producer Nicolás Onetti and director Luciano Onetti that Francesca, the new giallo made by the Argentinian brothers last year (although it looked like it had been made a great deal earlier than that), is on […]

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Stab-happy Teaser For Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories

Posted on 03/22/16 by Ben
Volumes of Blood Horror Stories

By Ben Bussey The US team behind last year’s microbudget anthology horror Volumes of Blood are back in action, and now we’ve got the first visual confirmation of this in the form of a brief but attention-grabbing teaser trailer for sequel Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. One of the key sales pitches of producer/director PJ […]

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Turn On, Tune In & Freak Out – Dark Signal Trailer

Posted on 03/22/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey As an old curmudgeon, I’m often complaining about how much crap there is on the radio these days – but I’ve never experienced anything quite so disagreeable as a malevolent spirit out for blood coming through the airwaves. This, it seems, is the main hook of Dark Signal, a new Welsh horror […]

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Daniel Armstrong To Visit A Cabin in the Woods with a Demonic Unicorn, in Tarnation

Posted on 03/20/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Given that it took Australian indie writer-director Daniel Armstrong and his team at Strongman Pictures almost eight years to complete their first movie, zombie wrestling movie From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl (hitting UK DVD in May as simply Fight Like A Girl), they now seem eager to make up for […]

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Asia Argento: Thumbs Down for the Suspiria Remake?

Posted on 03/18/16 by Keri
asia argento

By Keri O’Shea Rumours about a Suspiria remake have been hanging around the horror scene for almost as long as this website has been around (which is a pretty bloody long time, all considered); various directors have been suggested, then they’ve been apparently, or allegedly dropped, or they’ve excused themselves, then the entire project has […]

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Tex Montona Will Survive! Is Here, In Full, For Free, Right Now

Posted on 03/12/16 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Those crazy cats from O.hannah Films went and did it. Hopefully you all saw in the last two months – either here when we reported on it, or elsewhere online – that the team behind 2012’s The Battery had a somewhat unconventional distribution plan for the follow-up movie, Tex Montana Will Survive! […]

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First Trailer For Welsh Chiller The Passing

Posted on 03/10/16 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi The first trailer has landed for the atmospheric and eerie drama The Passing (‘Yr Ymadawiad’), which premiered at last year’s Fantastic Fest (see our review). It’s screening this week as part of the Wales One World Film Festival, before screening across Wales and the rest of the UK in April – including […]

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First stills from Swiss Western short film Sons of Bitches

Posted on 03/09/16 by Ben
sons of bitches

By Nia Edwards-Behi Westerns seem to be having a bit of a moment, don’t they? I’ve been enjoy the glut of bloody Wild West tales since screening Bone Tomahawk (it’s the BEST Western since Unforgiven, you know) as our closing film at Abertoir last year. Anyway, the up and coming Swiss filmmaker Arnaud Baur is […]

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