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Get Ready for The Other Side of the Door…

Posted on 11/28/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea Here at Brutal as Hell we’ve been following – and supporting – the career of British director Johannes Roberts for a fair few years now; it’s hard to believe it’s been three years since we interviewed him, and even harder to believe that Storage 24 is now that age – my, how […]

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Beware If You’re On The Naughty List: Here’s a Video Introduction to Krampus

Posted on 11/25/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey 2015 seems to belong to Krampus. There have been a bunch of movies made this year about the diabolical counterpart of Santa Claus who smites the naughty where old Nick rewards the nice – but without doubt the biggest and most eagerly anticipated of these is Mike ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Dougherty’s Krampus, […]

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‘Tis the Season for a Bunch of TV Premieres on the Horror Channel

Posted on 11/24/15 by Ben
Silent Night

By Ben Bussey Yes, it’s still November and yet a million marketing departments are already anxious to convince us it’s already Christmas, leaving all the relatively sane ones among us bashing our heads against a wall. But hey, if December has a load of movies making their TV debut on Britain’s Horror Channel, then hey, […]

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John Carpenter Coming To UK To Chew Bubblegum & Play His Soundtracks

Posted on 11/19/15 by Ben
John Carpenter

By Ben Bussey Well blow me if this isn’t an exciting turn of events. Presumably geared up by the success the likes of Goblin and Fabio Frizzi have enjoyed performing live concerts of their revered soundtracks, none other than John Carpenter – whose iconic status as a composer is second only to that of his […]

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RIP Gunnar Hansen

Posted on 11/09/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey This almost seems an arbitrary remark at this point, but damn, this has been a bad year. The horror world has lost several beloved figures, most notably Christopher Lee, Richard Johnson, Betsy Palmer and Wes Craven – and, of course, we at BAH have been hit hard by the death of our own […]

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We Are Still Here Director Returns With Satanic Panic

Posted on 11/06/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Ted Geoghegan would certainly seem to be one of the key new directors to come onto the scene this year with We Are Still Here, and – true to form – he’s still here, and his second film is now getting off the ground. Variety just announced that Geohegan is getting to […]

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It’s The Day of the Woman Again – I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu Wraps Production

Posted on 11/06/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey You may recall the somewhat unexpected news just over a year ago that Meir Zarchi and Camille Keaton were reuniting on an exceedingly belated sequel to the original rape revenge censor-baiter I Spit On Your Grave. Well, now we’ve had word that I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu is in the can […]

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Arrow Video’s New Year Slate Includes Classics of Giallo, J-Horror & 80s Women in Prison (Updated)

Posted on 11/05/15 by Ben
Audition - Arrow Video

By Ben Bussey Just when you’re thinking to yourself, “damn it all, what am I going to blow all my money on after Christmas?” (and just before you answer that thought with “what money?”), those ever-trustworthy folks at Arrow Video announce what they’ve got in store for us in early 2016 – and there are […]

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WTF? It’s a Trailer For a Slasher Movie Called… WTF!

Posted on 11/04/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey A memorable title tends to be a good way to help your low-budget horror movie stand apart. Sometimes going silly just doesn’t cut it, as we found recently with The Slashening and The Killage – but WTF! as a title? Is it genius or madness? And what the fuck does WTF mean […]

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Teaser Trailer For Daniel Armstrong’s Sci-Fi Splatter Ozploitation, Sheborg Massacre

Posted on 11/02/15 by Ben
Sheborg Massacre

By Ben Bussey We’ve been closely following (not stalking or anything) no-budget Aussie filmmaker Daniel Armstrong for some time now. His roller derby slasher Murderdrome was among my personal favourite films of 2014, and we’re eagerly anticipating the UK DVD release of female wrestlers-versus-zombies movie From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl. his second/technically first […]

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Teaser Trailer For Preacher TV Series Looks Really, Really Good

Posted on 11/02/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher is, all things considered, probably my favourite comic book ever. I discovered it at university, and clearly recall buying the first trade paperback collection Gone To Texas then heading back to the shop the very next day to pick up book two, Until The End of […]

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I’m Sorry, What?! A Spanish Remake of Inside?

Posted on 11/01/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey We all know the drill when it comes to remakes: Hollywood announces a new version of either an English language horror title that’s over two decades old (or less in the case of the we-still-can’t-believe-it’s-actually-happening Cabin Fever remake), or a foreign language horror from more recent years which a lot of English-speakers […]

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The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum in Trailer for Comedy Horror, The Funhouse Massacre

Posted on 10/30/15 by Ben
Funhouse Massacre

By Ben Bussey Must have been a tricky position for the distributors of The Funhouse Massacre. Given its haunted house attraction location and its time setting of October 31st, it would have made total sense to release the movie in time for Halloween. However, just two weeks later we have one of those other rare […]

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Alice ‘Sightseers’ Lowe Going Kill-Crazy Again In Directorial Debut Prevenge

Posted on 10/28/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey We’ve all seen how Sightseers male lead Steve Oram went from caravan holiday mass murderer to literal ape-man in his recent first film as director, Aaaaaaaah!, but to date we haven’t heard as much about Alice Lowe, the female lead in Ben Wheatley’s 2012 serial killer comedy. Well, it seems she’s venturing […]

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Trailer For Il Sonnambulo, Serial Killer-Based Web Series

Posted on 10/27/15 by Ben
Il Sonnambulo

By Ben Bussey Isn’t too often we get word of new online TV shows, but this new series from writer-director Douglas Rath looks to show some real promise. Il Sonnambulo centres on a photographer who has found fame for his photos of murder scenes, and his fixation on helping bring to justice the one that […]

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At Last, The Full Length Dickshark Trailer (NSFW, Believe It Or Not)

Posted on 10/23/15 by Ben
Dickshark - Erin Brown Misty Mundae

By Ben Bussey You may recall a few months back we shared a promo trailer for are-you-sure-that’s-a-real-movie Dickshark, which had a crowdsourcing campaign running at the time. Well, they made their money, and it would seem they’ve made the movie, or at least we know it’s on its way as we now have a full-length […]

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Brian Yuzna Plans International Horror Film Academy In The UK

Posted on 10/23/15 by Ben
Brian Yuzna

By Ben Bussey This is one of the more unusual and intriguing stories to cross our path of late. Seasoned horror filmmaker Brian Yuzna – best known as producer of Re-Animator and From Beyond, and director of Society, Bride of Re-Animator and Return of the Living Dead 3 – has tentatively revealed plans for what […]

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