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Will Ginger & Brigitte Go To Hell In A Ginger Snaps Reboot?

Posted on 10/06/15 by Ben
Ginger Snaps Katharine Isabelle Emily Perkins

By Ben Bussey Okay – cards on the table right away, that was a massively misleading headline. No Ginger Snaps reboot has been announced, and as such there obviously isn’t a synopsis just yet. But still – sounds cool, doesn’t it? The idea of a potentially hellbound Ginger Snaps revival comes from the mouth of […]

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Get Some Bad Girl Exploitation No-Budget Style in Streets Of Vengeance Trailer

Posted on 10/03/15 by Ben
Streets of Vengeance

By Ben Bussey 80s nostalgists take note: we have a new neon-lit inner city tale of bad-ass bitches fighting back against their male oppressors in Streets of Vengeance, an upcoming crowdsourced exploitation thriller from director Paul Ragsdale. Centring on “an ex adult film star (who) is attacked by a misogynistic group of men,” who then […]

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So long from Svetlana: a goodbye to Brutal as Hell

Posted on 10/03/15 by Keri

By Svetlana Fedotov It’s with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that I announce that I am leaving Brutal as Hell. I have been offered a writing gig with Shock ‘til You Drop and will start writing for them, along with my weekly contribution to Fangoria’s website. I’ve had an unbelievable blast […]

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Arrow Video Releasing Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls To Blu-Ray & It Freaks Us Out!

Posted on 10/02/15 by Ben
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

By Ben Bussey Okay, so we’re primarily a horror site and this really isn’t horror news any way you twist it, but surely anyone with a taste for the weirder end of cinema must have room in their palate for Russ Meyer. The revered Arrow Video are bringing the all-American auteur and notorious breast fetishist’s […]

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News of ‘Rings’ Release Date Push-back Brings Shocking Revelation: WTF, There’s a Ring 3?!

Posted on 10/01/15 by Ben

By Dustin Hall News dropped today that the November 13th release day slated for the third film in The Ring franchise was no longer tenable, and so the film has been pushed back into a 2016 release date. Before getting too far into this, let me ask, had anybody even heard that there was a […]

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Natalie Dormer Gets Haunted In The Forest Trailer

Posted on 10/01/15 by Ben
The Forest

By Ben Bussey Anyone in the business of getting easily offended should have no problem getting riled by this new trailer for The Forest. First off, it’s a glossy Hollywood ghost story set in a real-life location which has been the site of many real-life suicides (already the basis for the movie Grave Halloween). Second, […]

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TV News – Whitechapel Returns to the US

Posted on 10/01/15 by Ben

By Dustin Hall The Thriller-Drama Whitechapel enjoyed a brief run on BBC America a few years ago, but has largely been missing in the States for quite some time now. All that is about to change, however, as California’s KCET finally brings the show, and all of its eerie glory, back to the US. For […]

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Horror Comedy The Final Girls Headed To DVD

Posted on 09/30/15 by Ben
The Final Girls

By Ben Bussey It may be a little awkwardly timed coming so soon in the wake of the very similarly-titled Final Girl with Abigail Breslin, but upcoming Sony Pictures DVD release The Final Girls looks to be a somewhat different, potentially entertaining comedy horror, taking a Last Action Hero approach to the 80s slasher. One […]

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Arrow Video Have Such Sights To Show Us With 4-Disc Hellraiser Blu-ray Boxset

Posted on 09/29/15 by Ben
Arrow Video Hellraiser Scarlet Box

By Ben Bussey   Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: 28 years on, it’s every bit the horror masterpiece it ever was. And it most definitely deserves such masterful presentation as the esteemed Arrow Video have to offer. On sale from 26th October is Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box Limited Edition Trilogy, a very lush four disc set that […]

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Trailer For New Found Footage Horror The Entity (La Entidad)

Posted on 09/29/15 by Ben
La Entidad

By Ben Bussey It’s a pretty rare thing that we get a look at yet another found footage movie which actuallu shows significant promise, but I must say this one does. We just got a look at a new trailer for The Entity, AKA La Entidad, new Peruvian horror from director Eduardo Schuldt, which screened […]

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John Hyams Forgoes Right To Remain Silent Forever, Directs Maniac Cop Remake

Posted on 09/28/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Yes, okay, alright, it’s more remake news. I daresay we’ve all grown kind of numb to it over the years. Why, just last week word has gotten out that The Exorcist, long thought to be somehow protected from remake mania, may also be filmed again; this on top of rumours that a […]

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More Video Nasties Top Trumps c/o Gods and Monsters!

Posted on 09/26/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea Back at the beginning of the year, the fellas over at Gods and Monsters hit upon the winning combination of video nasties artwork and Top Trumps; clearly it was something which had been waiting to happen as this deck sold out pretty rapidly and a subsequent deck also did well, but fear […]

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Abertoir Horror Festival 2015 Poster Revealed

Posted on 09/25/15 by Ben
Abertoir 2015

By Ben Bussey The tenth anniversary Abertoir is now less than two months away – and while we still don’t know the full line-up of the six day long Aberystwyth horror love-in, we might be able to pick up a few hints of what’s in store from their newly released poster, once again the work of […]

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Richard Stanley Returns At Last, To Film Lovecraft’s The Colour Out Of Space

Posted on 09/24/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey This is what you want, this is what you get… it may have taken (ahem) a few years, but it looks like Richard Stanley – director behind two of the very best horror movies of the early 1990s in Hardware and Dust Devil, whose career was brought to a screeching halt by […]

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Kickstart Documentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street

Posted on 09/24/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Like many fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, I’ve long had my ups and downs with Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge. On first viewing I hated every minute of because of how it dispensed with all characters from the original (the Nancy’s diary macguffin notwithstanding), and how flagrantly it broke the […]

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“I Am The Doorway” on its way

Posted on 09/21/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea It’s always good to be able to share good news here, so finding out that one of my favourite short movie directors is about to bring us an official Stephen King adaptation is definitely something worth sharing. Some years ago, the talented Czech director Robin Kašpařík made a short occult horror film […]

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Poster Revealed for Argentinian Giallo, Francesca

Posted on 09/17/15 by Ben
Poster Francesca 1

By Ben Bussey Almost a month ago, we got our first look at the trailer for Francesca, the latest neo-retro giallo from Guante Negro Films, the team behind 2013’s neo-retro giallo Sonno Profondo. Now, we’ve got our first look at the poster, and – there’s a recurring theme here – it’s very cool looking and […]

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