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Asami August: Who The Heck’s Asami?

Posted on 08/03/15 by Keri

Comic News You Can Use: Deadpool Coloring Book, Xena Re-Boot, X-Files Teaser

Posted on 07/24/15 by Ben

By Svetlana Fedotov Once considered only for children learning to work in the lines, coloring books have been making a splash with adults as a cheap and easy stress reliever. Hearing the call for more options than Elmo and mandala patterns, Marvel has joined the growing trend and is planning on releasing Color Your Own […]

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From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl gets Aussie DVD release (early word on UK release too)

Posted on 07/24/15 by Ben
From Parts Unknown Fight Like A Girl

By Ben Bussey The best part of eight years in the making, Daniel ‘Murderdrome’ Armstrong’s Ozploitation wrestlers versus zombies movie From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl has weathered a troubled storyline to match that of any pro wrestling champion only to finally emerge victorious. Having premiered in Melbourne back in January, Monster Pictures are […]

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Barbara Crampton heads up guest list of Frightfest 2015

Posted on 07/24/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey There are scream queens, then there are scream queens, and then there’s Barbara Crampton. From her signature work as Stuart Gordon’s leading lady of choice, to her contemporary roles in the likes of You’re Next, she remains one of the iconic horror actresses ever – and, given she stars in, count ’em, […]

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Abertoir Announce Opening Night Concert Frizzi 2 Fulci

Posted on 07/23/15 by Ben
Abertoir - Frizzi 2 Fulci

By Ben Bussey If there’s one thing even more memorable about Lucio Fulci movies than the gore, it’s those gloriously eerie electronic soundtracks from the musical master Fabio Frizzi. If you’re a fan, there’s quite the treat in store on the opening night of this year’s Abertoir – and it’s a suitably epic opener for […]

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The Town That Dreaded Sundown Original & Remake Set For DVD Face-off

Posted on 07/22/15 by Ben
Town That Dreaded Sundown

By Ben Bussey Forget Freddy Vs Jason, Alien Vs Predator, Lake Placid Vs Anaconda etc: how’s about two versions of the same movie going head to head in a bloody battle to the death? Or, y’know, healthy competition to see which edition shifts more units…? That’s what is set to occur with The Town That […]

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Pics & Cover Art for Zombie Fight Club (Update: And Trailer Too!)

Posted on 07/21/15 by Ben
Zombie Fight Club - Altitude DVD

By Ben Bussey It’s got zombies. It’s got fighting. It’s got Asian chicks. You’ll be astonished to hear I quite like the look of Zombie Fight Club, even though it’s a sequel to a movie I haven’t seen, Zombie 108. (But again, it’s got zombies, fighting and Asian chicks, so really, do we need to […]

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Happy 80th Birthday, Donald Sutherland!

Posted on 07/17/15 by Keri

  By Keri O’Shea In some ways it’s hard to believe that Donald Sutherland is now an octogenarian, but with an ongoing film and television career that stretches back over half a century, it does feel like he’s been with us forever. He’s an institution, that man. And, whilst he’s been successful in all kinds […]

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Bonkers trailer for British comedy horror Banjo

Posted on 07/16/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Set to premiere this August Bank Holiday weekend at Frightfest 2015, Banjo is the directorial debut of British filmmaker Liam Regan, and it’s all about… well, I’ll be straight with you, based on the new trailer it’s hard to gauge just what the hell is going on, but it looks pretty damn […]

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Hannibal…The Movie?

Posted on 07/14/15 by Keri

Found Footage gets Punk’d in The Jokesters

Posted on 07/14/15 by Ben

Support the Savage Sistas on Kickstarter

Posted on 07/12/15 by Ben
Savage Sistas

By Nia Edwards-Behi I’ve been following news of this production for a few months now, thanks to the excellent Graveyard Shift Sisters, and now at last a Kickstarter page is up for Savage Sistas. The film’s being touted as a twist on the ol’ The Hills Have-Chainsaw Massacres formula: here we have four girls on […]

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San Diego Comic Con Brings The Horror – Ash vs Evil Dead & Tales of Halloween Trailers

Posted on 07/11/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey San Diego Comic Con, that annual cornucopia of all things fandom-ish, is underway, and in the midst of all the breaking news from the realms of superhero/sci-fi fantasy movies, TV and – gasp – even comics, there’s usually a bit of noteworthy horror stuff too. Thus far we have two rather notable […]

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Sion Sono does Revenge of the Nerds…? The Virgin Psychics trailer

Posted on 07/10/15 by Ben

This Time, It’s Genital: Crowdfund indie horror Dickshark

Posted on 07/09/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Just when we thought the campy shark movies had totally run out of steam, along comes a film called Dickshark. Yes, really. Funnily enough, it’s not a SyFy/Asylum production, but a new movie from prolific no-budget horror director Bill Zebub, whose best known title up to now has been Antfarm Dickhole. I’ve […]

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Promo Images & Synopsis for Michael Dougherty’s Christmas Horror, Krampus

Posted on 07/09/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Michael Dougherty has already made one great seasonal horror – a modern classic, if I may be so bold – in Trick ‘R Treat. Having tackled Halloween so successfully, how will he tackle Christmas? We’ll be finding out this December when Krampus, Dougherty’s long overdue second movie, hits screens via Legendary and […]

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This could get messy – Landmine Goes Click trailer and poster

Posted on 07/08/15 by Ben
Landmine Goes Click

By Ben Bussey On the bill at this year’s Film4 Frightfest is Landmine Goes Click. It’s the debut solo film from Levan Bakhia, co-writer and director of 2011’s 247°F, and in common with that movie we have another tale of individuals trapped in a very real life-or-death scenario: where 247°F had a bunch of carefree […]

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