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The Machine Girl: Better Revenge through Technology

Posted on 01/26/12 by Deaditor No Comments
Machine Girl

by Jeff Martin Noboru Igichi’s 2008 movie, The Machine Girl, may be the film that introduced most Americans to Japanese splatter and exploitation. I say this because I remember seeing it for sale at my local WalMart for the remarkable price of seven dollars. How many unsuspecting families brought this movie into their homes? How […]

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Top Ten Lethal Women of Japanese Splatter Cinema

Posted on 01/21/12 by Deaditor 2 Comments

by Marc Patterson We’re getting close to wrapping up this month of Japanese Exploitation Cinema and I have to admit, we haven’t even properly managed to scratch the surface of this genre. Honestly, I could very likely create an entire spin-off website that would do nothing BUT talk about Japanese cinema. Then again, there are […]

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Takashi Miike’s Top Ten Batshit Insane Movie Moments

Posted on 01/16/12 by Deaditor 3 Comments
City of Lost Souls

by Stephanie Scaife For my contribution to Brutal as Hell’s Japanese Exploitation Explosion the obvious choice was Takashi Miike, purveyor of the infinitely perverse and unceasingly bonkers, he truly is the contemporary master of Japanese exploitation cinema. With a career spanning over 20 years and an astonishingly prolific output of close to 80 features, there […]

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The Top 20 Iconic Japanese Exploitation Cinema Images Part 2

Posted on 01/16/12 by Deaditor 4 Comments
Tokyo Gore Police

by Keri O’Shea And so, it is time to hit the big Top 10… Again, I can’t stress enough how tough it was to narrow down such a wide and interesting genre to a series of definitive images. Sure, I could have stuck with the up-to-date gore and still come away with a striking set […]

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Mandom Rocks Japan – Shogun Assassin!

Posted on 01/11/12 by Deaditor 1 Comment

by Todd Wieneke Say you have a pretty rad car. In fact, you got two of ‘em. Not the fastest things on four wheels but they’ve got pep and style to spare. But dang it all to heckfire, they’re foreign and Joe America doesn’t particularly care for foreign things. What now? Well, turns out you’re […]

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J-sploitation Goes Scat: ‘Zombie Ass’ Trailer

Posted on 01/11/12 by Ben 2 Comments

by Ben Bussey Man, we really couldn’t have timed our Japanese Exploitation month better, could we? Somebody up there likes us. The planets have alligned, and the Gods of Bad Taste have bestowed upon us gift upon gift: first the Rape Zombie trailer, then the Red Sword trailer, and now the trailer for Noboru Iguchi’s Zombie […]

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DVD Review: Tomie Unlimited

Posted on 01/09/12 by Ben 1 Comment

Review by Ben Bussey In another fortuitous turn of events, our Japanese Exploitation month sees a new release from one of the most eminent contemporary J-sploitation directors, Noboru Iguchi. Now, it’s a bit strange to sit down to watch the ninth film of a film franchise – itself adapted from a long-running manga series – […]

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Japanese Trailer Trash, Hot Sauce, Sushi and Arterial Spray

Posted on 01/08/12 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson I’ll argue with genre fans all day long on this one. The Japanese have the market cornered on gore. Yes, every country has their masters of extreme gore. No one is denying the French can do extreme gore. No one is discrediting the bar-setting effects of Tom Savini. But the Japanese have […]

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Japanese Exploitation Explosion – Iconic Images from Japanese Exploitation Flicks Part 1: 20-11

Posted on 01/07/12 by Deaditor No Comments

Iconic Images from Japanese Exploitation Flicks Part 1: 20-11 by Keri O’Shea When I suggested to Marc that it might be a fun idea to put together a list of definitive images from the best (and the worst) of the very broad range of exploitation movies which have emerged out of the Land of the […]

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Japanese Exploitation Explosion: Sukeban Hunters – Yakuza Busting Girls!

Posted on 01/04/12 by Deaditor No Comments
Yakuza Hunters poster

by Marc Patterson It wasn’t my intention kick off this month of gonzo Japanese exploitation flicks with a lesser known title, but considering that I’m trying to run a figurative marathon post-holidays I’m a little behind the 8-ball and my bit on Lady Snowblood isn’t quite wrapped yet. (Yes, that was just a little teaser). […]

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January is Japanese Splatter and Exploitation Month!

Posted on 01/03/12 by Deaditor No Comments
Lady Snowblood

by Marc Patterson I’ve been dicking around all day today thinking about writing five simple sentences but not quite getting a single one out. Then I realized something – just start writing, dumbass! Works everytime. See, I’m almost up to five sentences already. Hey, did all you fuckers know that we just celebrated our third […]

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