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Interview: Sultan Al-Darmaki, Life President of Bram Stoker International Film Festival

Posted on 06/16/13 by Ben 1 Comment
Sultan Al-Darmaki

Interview conducted by Kit Rathenar Sitting opposite Sultan Saeed Al-Darmaki, newly appointed life president of the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, in the courtyard of the Sanders Yard cafe in Whitby, it would be easy to feel like one of the two of us didn’t belong here. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi in the […]

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Interview: Paul Hyett on The Seasoning House, & his Career in FX

Posted on 05/22/13 by Ben No Comments
Paul Hyett & Kevin Howarth The Seasoning House

Interview conducted by Tristan Bishop Paul Hyett is very much a name to keep an eye on for discerning horror fans. Many will already know his name from his sterling effects work on so many great British genre films from the past 15 years, but with his directorial debut The Seasoning House he has delivered […]

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Interview – Actor Zak Kilberg on Midnight Son

Posted on 01/31/13 by Ben No Comments
Midnight Son

Interview conducted by Nia Edwards-Behi In case you missed it before, read Nia’s interview with Midnight Son director Scott Leberecht. Midnight Son is a film about a young man who may – or may not – be a vampire, played with wonderful restraint by Zak Kilberg. Kilberg’s angular features make him a perfect fit for […]

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Interview – Midnight Son director Scott Leberecht

Posted on 01/30/13 by Ben No Comments

State of the Indie Address: An Interview with Director Dom Portalla

Posted on 01/22/13 by Keri 3 Comments

The American Mary interview: Katharine Isabelle, Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska

Posted on 01/15/13 by Ben No Comments
Katharine Isabelle, Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska

Interview conducted by Ben Bussey Everything you’ve read is true: the Soska Sisters love to hug. And, good grief, they really hug you. As soon as we were introduced in the Sheffield Showroom Cinema’s green room, just prior to that evening’s screening of American Mary, Jen and Sylvia Soska both darted in my direction and took turns squeezing […]

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Interview: Director Stuart Simpson on Monstro! & Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

Posted on 12/13/12 by Ben No Comments
Monstro - Stuart Simpson and cast

Interview conducted by Ben Bussey Ozsploitation is alive and well in the 21st century, and director Stuart Simpson is right there in the thick of it. His 2010 bad girls versus giant sea monster flick El Monstro del Mar!, released in the US in the spring (when Marc reviewed it) then in the UK in autumn under the […]

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Interview with Ryan Levin (Writer/Producer of Some Guy Who Kills People)

Posted on 10/18/12 by Keri No Comments

Interview: Actresses Anna Fischer & Jennifer Ulrich on ‘We Are The Night’

Posted on 10/15/12 by Ben 2 Comments
We Are The Night - Anna Fischer, Jennifer Ulrich

Interview conducted by Ben Bussey If there’s one breed of movie monster that’s never going anywhere, it’s the vampire. That time-honoured balance of sex and death has long kept them popular both within and without horror fandom, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. One of the most recent fang-flicks to reach the UK […]

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Inteview: Michael Biehn & Jennifer Blanc-Biehn on The Victim

Posted on 09/03/12 by Ben 3 Comments

A Conversation with James Newman, Author of ‘The Wicked’

Posted on 08/06/12 by Deaditor No Comments

Interview: Johannes Roberts on ‘Storage 24,’ ‘F’ and Working in Genre

Posted on 06/17/12 by Ben No Comments
Johannes Roberts

Interview conducted by Keri O’Shea British director Johannes Roberts has been making movies for over ten years now: these have ranged from the Tom Savini-dispatching Forest of the Damned (2005) to the first made-for-mobile series When Evil Calls (2006) – but to date, Johannes is probably best-known for the urban nightmare ‘F’ (2010), a film […]

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Interview and Exclusive Clip: ‘Such Great Heights’ Director Jonah Tulis

Posted on 06/14/12 by Deaditor No Comments
Such Great Heights

Interview with Such Great Heights director Jonah Tulis conducted by Marc Patterson Such Great Heights is one of the more amazing sports documentaries I’ve had the pleasure of viewing in my lifetime. I don’t say that to make some fluffy hyperbole filled statement. I say it because it’s true. Director Jonah Tulis was able to […]

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Interview with ‘Madison County’ Director Eric England and Producer Ace Marrero

Posted on 05/03/12 by Deaditor No Comments
Madison County DVD

Madison County Interview with Eric England and Ace Marrero  Interview Conducted by Marc Patterson for BAH: Thanks guys for doing this interview. I just finished watching Madison County last night. I thought it was a fun little slasher. I didn’t think it reinvented the genre, but was solid and entertaining for that kind of […]

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Interview: Zombie Horror Author Dana Fredsti Heads to ‘Plague Town’

Posted on 04/16/12 by Deaditor No Comments
Plague Town Cover

Interview conducted by Marc Patterson Plague Town is a brand spankin’ new novel from horror author Dana Fredsti. While the book has been superficially called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with zombies”, I’d veer to say that might be missing quite a bit of what this novel has in store for readers. Plague Town combines some […]

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Interview: Drew Daywalt Talks Up ‘Leprechaun’s Revenge’

Posted on 03/16/12 by Deaditor No Comments
Leprechaun's Revenge

Interview conducted by Marc Patterson We’ve been long time supporters of Drew Daywalt at He’s one of the most innovative filmmakers working in the medium today. His short films are sharply written, expertly directed, and often contain more depth of story than some feature films. (For a good look at some of his work […]

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Interview: Robert Englund on ‘Inkubus,’ ‘Strippers Vs Werewolves’ & More

Posted on 01/26/12 by Ben 4 Comments
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