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FrightFest announce line-up for Glasgow Film Festival 2014

Posted on 01/21/14 by UK Editor
FrightFest Glasgow 2014

By Ben Bussey Is it that time of year already? Apparently so. Getting the 2014 UK festival circuit off to an early start, the FrightFest team have announced what they’ll be showing this year in their annual sojourn at the Glasgow Film Festival, and as ever it includes at least a few of the movies [...]

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DVD Review: Hammer of the Gods (2013)

Posted on 09/03/13 by UK Editor
hammer of the gods

Review by Ben Bussey Can’t you just picture the scene? Bunch of filmmakers sitting around, just watched an episode of Game of Thrones, opened a few beers, put Led Zeppelin III on… voila. Well, okay, perhaps a little more thought went into Hammer of the Gods then that. Presumably someone also threw the Cliff’s Notes [...]

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FrightFest 2013: Round up, Part 2

Posted on 09/02/13 by UK Editor

By Stephanie Scaife Read part 1 of Steph’s FrightFest round up here. Day three of FrightFest started with The Hypnotist, a Swedish crime thriller directed by Lasse Hallström (Safe Haven, Dear John) and based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Lars Kepler (husband and wife duo Alexander Ahndoril and Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril). [...]

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FrightFest 2013 Review: We Are What We Are (2013)

Posted on 09/01/13 by UK Editor
We Are What We Are 2013

Review by Stephanie Scaife I was pretty surprised when I read that Jim Mickle (Mulberry Street, Stake Land) was working on a remake of Jorge Michel Grau’s film of the same name. But as an admirer of Mickle’s previous work I went in with an open mind, happily to discover that We Are What We Are [...]

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FrightFest 2013 Review: The Desert (2013)

Posted on 08/29/13 by UK Editor

Review by Stephanie Scaife The Desert is the first feature from German/Argentinean documentary filmmaker Christoph Behl and it has its world premiere at FrightFest last weekend. I went in knowing almost nothing about the film other than it being set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Being a particular genre-weakness of mine, I decided [...]

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FrightFest 2013: Round-Up, Part 1

Posted on 08/28/13 by editor

By Stephanie Scaife It’s that time of the year again: FrightFest is back and it is bigger than ever, screening a massive line-up of 51 films across 3 screens at London’s iconic Empire Leicester Square cinema. After sadly managing to miss the world première of The Dead 2: India, FrightFest 2013 began for me with [...]

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FrightFest 2013 Review: Cheap Thrills

Posted on 08/25/13 by UK Editor
Cheap Thrills - David Koechner

Review by Stephanie Scaife There is always at least one of the late night screenings at FrightFest that brings the house down and ultimately proves to be one of the highlights of the festival, and this year I wholly anticipate it being E.L. Katz’s directorial debut Cheap Thrills. It’s a blackly comic, gross-out morality tale that examines [...]

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FrightFest 2013 Review: Willow Creek (2013)

Posted on 08/24/13 by editor
Willow Creek movie

By Stephanie Scaife You may be familiar with Bobcat Goldthwait through the likes of his pitch black comedies World’s Greatest Dad (2009) and God Bless America (2011), or as Zed in the Police Academy movies, so it may come as a surprise to find out that his newest picture as a writer and director is [...]

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Review: Frankenstein’s Army (2013)

Posted on 08/22/13 by UK Editor
Frankenstein's Army

Review by Ben Bussey Damn you, found footage. I told you last time, never again. Every time you show up uninvited in the wee small hours, you worm your way in with your seductive wiles, and somehow I keep letting you in just because, even though you’ve hurt me time and again, there’s a small [...]

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The best & worst of FrightFest over the years

Posted on 08/21/13 by UK Editor

By Stephanie Scaife Oftentimes when people ask me what I’m doing for the August bank holiday weekend and I say that I’m going to FrightFest, I get a puzzled look; then when I actually explain what it is, the look of bafflement is replaced with one of disdain. Essentially this is because most people would [...]

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Review: You’re Next (2011)

Posted on 08/10/13 by UK Editor

Review by Dustin Hall You’re Next is one of those films I almost hate to review, because I liked it a great deal, but that was aided by the fact that I had no idea what I was walking into. In fact, the trailer for this film advertises something completely different than what is actually [...]

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FrightFest 2013 Preview: Bring Me The Head Of The Machine Gun Woman (2012)

Posted on 08/07/13 by editor

By Tristan Bishop Grindhouse. It seems to be becoming as reviled a term in horror/cult circles as ‘found footage’. Much has been written on the co-opting of the term from the original meaning (24 hour theatres showing everything from second-run commercial releases to kung fu to XXX films) to the current usage to denote 70s [...]

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FrightFest Preview: The Dyatlov Pass Incident (2013)

Posted on 08/07/13 by editor

By Stephanie Scaife Yawn… yup, you’ve guessed it, here we have yet another straight to DVD found footage horror film. This alone should be good enough reason to avoid The Dyatlov Pass Incident (or Devil’s Pass, as it is now known) but for my sins, I’ve sat through it and can confirm that there are [...]

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Review: No One Lives (2012)

Posted on 08/01/13 by UK Editor
No One Lives

Review by Tristan Bishop Ryuhei Kitamura is a talented chap. His breakthrough film Versus rocked international audiences back in 2000, blending Yakuza, zombies and breakneck action sequences, and a couple of years later he made Azumi, a wonderfully entertaining ‘female ninja’ story with quirky characters and breathtaking sword fighting. Unfortunately, when handed Godzilla : Final [...]

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Full Line-up for FrightFest 2013 Announced

Posted on 06/28/13 by UK Editor
Frightfest 2013

By Ben Bussey The headline says it all. Read on for the rest, straight from the press release… *** Film4 FrightFest 2013, returning for its 4teenth year, is delighted to unveil its biggest line-up in history. From Thurs 22 August to Monday 26 August, the UK’s leading event for genre fans will be at the [...]

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Graham Humphreys Artwork for FrightFest 2013 Revealed

Posted on 06/19/13 by UK Editor
Frightfest 2013

By Ben Bussey We’ve already learned that The Dead 2: India and Big Bad Wolves will be topping and tailing this year’s FrightFest, and it won’t be long until we get the full line-up of films screening at London’s Empire Leicester Square between Thursday 22nd August to Monday 26th August. Now, here’s another FrightFest annual [...]

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FrightFest 2013 – Opening & Closing Films Announced

Posted on 06/14/13 by UK Editor
The Dead 2 India

By Ben Bussey It’s a little over two months until Leicester Square is overrun by sweaty miscreants in black, pit-stained Zombi 2 T-shirts… and alas, this writer will not be one of them this year. Never fear though, for while your intrepid UK editor has to miss FrightFest this year, Brutal As Hell will have representation in [...]

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