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Turbo Kid speeding onto UK DVD, Blu-Ray & Download

Posted on 08/26/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey One of the most talked-about, eagerly anticipated films of the upcoming Film4 FrightFest has been Turbo Kid, a cartoonish 80s-style post-apocalyptic adventure that reportedly blows the roof off with its gore quota, from directorial trio François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell. On the one hand, I do wonder if we’ve had […]

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First Titles Announced for FrightFest Presents VOD Imprint

Posted on 08/25/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey It’s been just over four months since we first heard the promising news that FrightFest were teaming up with Icon Entertainment to launch FrightFest Presents, a new digital imprint dedicated to… well, you know what genre it’s going to be dedicated to. And now we know what the first titles released under […]

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Abertoir Festival to screen The Descent – in a MINE!

Posted on 08/21/15 by Ben
The Descent - Natalie Mendoza, Shauna MacDonald

By Ben Bussey Stuff your Secret Cinema up your arse. If this doesn’t sound like the most badass cinema experience of the year, I’d like to know what does.* Our friends at Abertoir Horror Festival in Wales are not only celebrating their own tenth anniversary, but also the tenth anniversary of Neil Marshall’s magnificent sophomore […]

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Victoria Price returning to Abertoir Horror Festival

Posted on 08/19/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Our good friends at Welsh horror festival Abertoir have long been known for their devotion to all things Vincent Price, so it’s little surprise they’d want to celebrate the late, great master once again for their tenth anniversary bash this year. So it is that his daughter Victoria Price has been summoned back […]

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Jonathan Rigby to narrate long-lost Hammer Dracula script at Mayhem Film Festival

Posted on 08/13/15 by Ben
Dracula Christopher Lee Hammer

By Nia Edwards-Behi WOW. How’s this for an amazing festival event? Nottingham’s Mayhem Festival has just announced a live-reading of an unmade Hammer Dracula script, written by Anthony Hinds. The reading will be performed by the Hammer expert, author and actor Johnathan Rigby. The event is a collaboration between Mayhem and Hammer Films, CATH (Cinema […]

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FrightFest 2015: Nia’s Top Picks & Must-Sees

Posted on 07/30/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi FrightFest is the place to see the largest array of horror and genre films on the big screen in the UK. Any film festival can be a marathon feat of endurance, but it’s always even more painful when you’re trying to decide between films and squeezing as much as you can between […]

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Barbara Crampton heads up guest list of Frightfest 2015

Posted on 07/24/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey There are scream queens, then there are scream queens, and then there’s Barbara Crampton. From her signature work as Stuart Gordon’s leading lady of choice, to her contemporary roles in the likes of You’re Next, she remains one of the iconic horror actresses ever – and, given she stars in, count ’em, […]

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Abertoir Announce Opening Night Concert Frizzi 2 Fulci

Posted on 07/23/15 by Ben
Abertoir - Frizzi 2 Fulci

By Ben Bussey If there’s one thing even more memorable about Lucio Fulci movies than the gore, it’s those gloriously eerie electronic soundtracks from the musical master Fabio Frizzi. If you’re a fan, there’s quite the treat in store on the opening night of this year’s Abertoir – and it’s a suitably epic opener for […]

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This could get messy – Landmine Goes Click trailer and poster

Posted on 07/08/15 by Ben
Landmine Goes Click

By Ben Bussey On the bill at this year’s Film4 Frightfest is Landmine Goes Click. It’s the debut solo film from Levan Bakhia, co-writer and director of 2011’s 247°F, and in common with that movie we have another tale of individuals trapped in a very real life-or-death scenario: where 247°F had a bunch of carefree […]

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Full line-up announced for Film4 Frightfest 2015

Posted on 07/02/15 by Ben
FF 2015 - poster artwork - WEB-1

By Ben Bussey That’s right, it’s here. All you boppers planning to head down to Leicester Square this August Bank Holiday Weekend, now you learn what’s waiting for you. Pardon me while I cut and paste the press release… Bigger, bolder, bloodier…Film4 FrightFest 2015 marks its 16th year with its largest line-up ever. From Thurs […]

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Cannes 2015 Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Posted on 05/14/15 by Ben
Mad Max Fury Road poster

By Nia Edwards-Behi A confession from the outset: I’ve never seen a Mad Max movie. It’s one of those franchises I just haven’t managed to catch up on. My excitement for Fury Road, however, escalated with each and every poster and trailer released. It reached that point where I needed to talk down the film […]

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BIFFF 2015 Reviews: The Leftovers – Charlie’s Farm, Wyrmwood, The Stranger, III, The Midnight After & The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D

Posted on 05/04/15 by Ben
Charlie's Farm

By Nia Edwards-Behi I know, I know, I’m lazy (editor’s note – no she bloody well isn’t, she’s written 11 full length reviews and another round-up in the past 10 days). But watching 21 films in five days inevitably means that my brain forgets a lot of the detail to some films, even when I […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: Shrew’s Nest (Musaranas) (2014)

Posted on 05/03/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi It’s the 1950s. Montse (Macarena Gomez) lives with her younger sister, Hermana (Nadia de Santiago), in a small apartment. Both their parents are dead, but their father (Luis Tosar) remains a spectral figure in the apartment for the burdened and fragile older woman. Hermana has just turned 18, and Montse struggles to […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: Monsterz (2014)

Posted on 05/02/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi Hideo Nakata’s most recent films have not had the glowing reception his reputation following Ringu and Dark Water might have set him up for. I quite like 2013’s The Complex, myself, which, although a bit cliched was certainly enjoyable and featured some effective chills. Monsterz seems to have failed to impress critics […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: The Dead Lands (2014)

Posted on 04/29/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi I have been excited about The Dead Lands since I first heard about it last year – a period martial arts film conducted entirely in a minority language? That ticks a lot of my boxes, that does. Hongi (James Rolleston) is something of the runt of the litter to his tribe. His […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: Greatful Dead (2013)

Posted on 04/29/15 by Ben
Greatful Dead

By Nia Edwards-Behi I’d seen the UK DVD release of Greatful Dead advertised quite a bit on the Third Window Films Facebook page, before seeing it in the line-up at BIFFF. It was a title I’d almost immediately added to my DVD wishlist, so the opportunity to see it on a big screen was extremely […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: Hollow (Doat Hon, 2014)

Posted on 04/28/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi Hollow is a film I’ve been trying to see since last year, my desire to see it cemented by the fact that it features the rapper Suboi in a small role (niche, right?). Anyway, I was, naturally, particularly pleased to see it in the BIFFF line-up and I’m even more pleased to […]

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