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A little update on Dead By Dawn Edinburgh 2014

Posted on 04/08/14 by UK Editor
Oculus - Karen Gillan

By Ben Bussey We just recieved a new press release from our friends at Edinburgh’s Dead By Dawn, the first major event on Britain’s horror festival calendar. If you caught our news item on the festival last week then you already know the lion’s share of what’s coming to Edinburgh’s Filmhouse Cinema between April 24th [...]

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Early word on Abertoir 2014: video nasties and terror on a train!

Posted on 04/06/14 by UK Editor
Horror Express

By Ben Bussey How did I miss this? Our friends from Abertoir, Aberystwyth’s annual festival of horror, have dropped their first hints of what we can expect from this year’s event. Sure, it isn’t until November, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead for this sort of thing – and this all sounds [...]

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Dead By Dawn Edinburgh Announces Line-up

Posted on 04/01/14 by editor

By Keri O’Shea It’s not as if you need an excuse to visit the wonderful city of Edinburgh, but just in case you did, you might be interested to know that the (almost) full Dead By Dawn line-up has been announced – and it’s a good one already, bearing in mind the fact that one [...]

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FrightFest announce line-up for Glasgow Film Festival 2014

Posted on 01/21/14 by UK Editor
FrightFest Glasgow 2014

By Ben Bussey Is it that time of year already? Apparently so. Getting the 2014 UK festival circuit off to an early start, the FrightFest team have announced what they’ll be showing this year in their annual sojourn at the Glasgow Film Festival, and as ever it includes at least a few of the movies [...]

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Festival Report: Abertoir 2013 (Part 2 – Ben’s take)

Posted on 11/16/13 by UK Editor

By Ben Bussey Click here to read Tristan’s report on Abertoir Horror Festival from Monday 5th -Thursday 8th November 2013. So here I pick up where Tristan left off – more or less. See, while I did indeed arrive on Friday 9th November for my second year at Abertoir, I didn’t get there until mid-afternoon. [...]

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Festival Report: Abertoir 2013 (Part 1 – Tristan’s take)

Posted on 11/15/13 by UK Editor
Abertoir 2013

By Tristan Bishop Anyone who has been to Abertoir will tell you it isn’t like other film festivals. In fact I lost count this year of the amount of people I overheard talking about this. Why? Well some of the newcomers were praising the non-commercialism of the event. There are no corporate sponsors here, for [...]

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Abertoir 2013 Review: Bad Milo (2013)

Posted on 11/14/13 by UK Editor

Review by Tristan Bishop I bet you’ve never really considered having a demon living up your arse, have you? Or if you have, your thinking probably went along the lines of ‘I really don’t fancy having a demon living up my arse’. Well, it’s a tough concept to sell, I’ll admit it, but Bad Milo [...]

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Festival Report: Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2013 (Part 2)

Posted on 11/14/13 by UK Editor

By Kit Rathenar Read Part 1 of Kit’s BSIFF report here. SATURDAY, 26 October Halfway through the festival, and this morning took an academic turn with one of the lectures that BSIFF likes to sprinkle into their programme. This one, entitled “Crucifixes, Cadavers and Demons”, was presented by freelance horror lecturer and journalist Dr Karen [...]

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Festival Report: Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2013 (Part 1)

Posted on 11/13/13 by UK Editor

By Kit Rathenar You’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult to review a film festival when you’ve got a reviewer actually living in the right town and another one available a mere hour up the road. However, apparently the gods had a grudge against Brutal As Hell when it came to this year’s Bram Stoker [...]

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Abertoir 2013 Review: Motivational Growth (2012)

Posted on 11/12/13 by UK Editor
Motivational Growth

Review by Ben Bussey If you’ll forgive me for opening on something of a negative note: one rather noticeable problem on the horror festival scene this year – and I do mean across the board, not just at Abertoir - is the absence of any one film that’s well and truly set the (mimes quotation marks) horror [...]

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Abertoir 2013 Review: All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

Posted on 11/12/13 by UK Editor

Review by Tristan Bishop The horror remake machine trundles along with no sign of slowing down, but as much as the horror fan’s learned reaction to the word ‘remake’ is the same as that of the term ‘found footage’ to a Brutal As Hell writer, remakes are not always a bad thing. Before you crucify [...]

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Abertoir 2013 Review: The Borderlands (2013)

Posted on 11/12/13 by UK Editor
The Borderlands

Review by Ben Bussey 2013 is well on its way to becoming the year I start liking found footage again. I’ve never been particularly enamoured with the format – I always disliked The Blair Witch Project, for one thing – but there have indubitably been at least a few truly great horror movies made in [...]

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Abertoir 2013 Review: The Machine (2013)

Posted on 11/11/13 by UK Editor

Review by Ben Bussey It’s one of the age-old questions of science fiction: where does machine end and life begin? At what point might artificial intelligence equal or even overtake that of humanity; and if/when it does, what will be the outcome? Countless sci-fi works over the decades have tackled these questions, and now writer-director [...]

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Celluloid Screams 2013 Review: Chimères (2013)

Posted on 10/26/13 by UK Editor

Review by Ben Bussey Have we run out of new ways to tackle the vampire? I must say, I’m beginning to wonder. With each successive attempt to breathe new life into that most time-honoured of monsters, it’s seeming more and more that there just isn’t an approach that we can take that doesn’t directly recreate [...]

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Complete festival schedule released for Abertoir 2013

Posted on 10/09/13 by UK Editor
Abertoir 2013

By Ben Bussey Finally, those little teases from Aberystwyth have stopped hiding their secrets and pulled away the last veils – and lo, here’s the full line-up for this year’s Abertoir, replete with five movies getting their UK premiere – Chanthaly (both the first horror movie AND first film from a female director to come [...]

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First wave of titles announced for Abertoir 2013

Posted on 09/30/13 by UK Editor
Abertoir 2013

By Ben Bussey Ooh, I’m excited… Abertoir have given their first announcement of some of what we can expect from this year’s Welsh horror festival, and it’s a definite case of so far so good. Read on for the details direct from Abertoir’s Facebook page:  First, as we’ve revealed previously, join us on the opening of the [...]

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Viking: the Darkest Day hits Blu-ray – plus Welsh screenings

Posted on 09/10/13 by UK Editor
The Darkest Day

By Nia Edwards-Behi I don’t know who the photoshopped gentleman above is. I don’t really know why he’s holding is sword like that. I’m not sure why there appears to be some sort of volcano eruption taking place, and why one of the eagles from The Lord of the Rings is flying around. I am, [...]

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