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Cannes 2015 Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Posted on 05/14/15 by Ben
Mad Max Fury Road poster

By Nia Edwards-Behi A confession from the outset: I’ve never seen a Mad Max movie. It’s one of those franchises I just haven’t managed to catch up on. My excitement for Fury Road, however, escalated with each and every poster and trailer released. It reached that point where I needed to talk down the film […]

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BIFFF 2015 Reviews: The Leftovers – Charlie’s Farm, Wyrmwood, The Stranger, III, The Midnight After & The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D

Posted on 05/04/15 by Ben

BIFFF 2015 Review: Shrew’s Nest (Musaranas) (2014)

Posted on 05/03/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi It’s the 1950s. Montse (Macarena Gomez) lives with her younger sister, Hermana (Nadia de Santiago), in a small apartment. Both their parents are dead, but their father (Luis Tosar) remains a spectral figure in the apartment for the burdened and fragile older woman. Hermana has just turned 18, and Montse struggles to […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: Monsterz (2014)

Posted on 05/02/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi Hideo Nakata’s most recent films have not had the glowing reception his reputation following Ringu and Dark Water might have set him up for. I quite like 2013’s The Complex, myself, which, although a bit cliched was certainly enjoyable and featured some effective chills. Monsterz seems to have failed to impress critics […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: The Dead Lands (2014)

Posted on 04/29/15 by Ben

BIFFF 2015 Review: Greatful Dead (2013)

Posted on 04/29/15 by Ben

BIFFF 2015 Review: Hollow (Doat Hon, 2014)

Posted on 04/28/15 by Ben

BIFFF 2015 Review: German Angst (2015)

Posted on 04/28/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi I’ve been anticipating German Angst for a while now, ever since seeing the project announced on Michal Kosakowski’s Facebook page. Kosakowski directed the fascinating documentary Zero Killed, and here has worked alongside Andreas Marschall (director of the giallo homage Masks) and Jorg Buttgereit (director of the recently re-released Nekromantik) on this very […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: Deadman Inferno (2015)

Posted on 04/27/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi Later this year Takashi Miike returns with Yakuza Apocalypse, pitting the titular gangsters against vampires. I don’t wish to suggest that Miike’s been somewhat pipped to the post, but Hiroshi Shinagawa’s Deadman Inferno also pits the fearsome Yakuza against the undead – only in this film it’s zombies causing mayhem. As we’ve […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review Round-Up – Korean Edition

Posted on 04/27/15 by Ben

BIFFF 2015 Review: Mexico Barbaro (2014)

Posted on 04/26/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi Portmanteau films, eh? They’ve made quite the comeback in recent years and there seem to be many more due this year. Mexico Barbaro is a particularly exciting entry into this come back, showcasing as it does 8 directors from Mexico, one of many Latin American countries currently making waves in the genre. […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: The Ninja War of Torakage (2015)

Posted on 04/25/15 by Ben
ninja war of torakage - Eihi Shiina

By Nia Edwards-Behi Readers, you may have been misled. When the first images and trailers for gore-meister Yoshihiro Nishimura’s latest film emerged it seemed like he might have gone a bit (only a bit, mind) more serious than his usual fare. Not so! The Ninja War of Torakage is as silly as you might expect […]

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BIFFF 2015 Review: Frankenstein (2015)

Posted on 04/24/15 by Ben
day 9 monster 189.CR2

By Nia Edwards-Behi The fact that the National Theatre and Danny Boyle’s stage version of Frankenstein still gets milked in cinemas, in its NT Live broadcast form, every Halloween, is something of a testament to the general public’s desire to see new versions of a classic and frequently adapted story. Bernard Rose, of Candyman fame, […]

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FrightFest and Icon Film Distribution join forces with FrightFest Presents

Posted on 04/13/15 by Ben
Icon logo-1

    By Ben Bussey VOD in the UK potentially just got a bit more interesting, as Icon Film Distribution (responsible for bringing such notable recent titles as The Guest, The Babadook and It Follows to screens) and FrightFest (responsible for – well – FrightFest) have announced they will be collaborating on a new digital […]

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Passes on sale & first film announced for Edinburgh’s Dead By Dawn 2015

Posted on 03/12/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Taking over Edinburgh’s Filmhouse over the last weekend of April, Dead By Dawn is one of the first UK horror festivals of the year – not to mention one of the longest-running, the festival having launched way back in 1993. They’re still playing their cards close to their chests as to what […]

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Line-up announced for Glasgow FrightFest 2015

Posted on 01/21/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey It’s a little over a month until those fine FrightFest fellows take up their annual residence at the Glasgow Film Festival for a long-weekender of horror delights – and they’ve just revealed their rather tasty-looking line-up for the 2015 programme. Read on for the specifics direct from the press release… THURS 26 […]

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Abertoir 2014 Review: The Forgotten (2014)

Posted on 12/03/14 by Ben

Review by Tristan Bishop If there’s one thing we Brits excel at, it’s a good ghost story. From MR James (arguably the master of the form) to the 1945 Ealing studios spooky portmanteau tale Dead Of Night, to the blockbusting Woman In Black, we’ve got the restless dead covered. The reasons for this are debatable, […]

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