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From ‘Too Crude’ to ‘Twice as Vulgar’! An Interview with Deathgasm Director Jason Lei Howden

Posted on 02/10/16 by Keri

Interview by Keri O’Shea If you haven’t seen Deathgasm yet then, if I may, it’s time you climbed out from under that nice, safe rock of yours and ascended to the top of a towering crag (preferably where there are some obliging women in chainmail to cling to your legs, Manowar-style). It was one of […]

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Happy 70th Birthday, David Lynch!

Posted on 01/20/16 by Ben
David Lynch

By Keri O’Shea As brilliant a range of directors as we have currently working in film and TV, very few of them have given their own adjective to the English language – but our beloved David Lynch, who celebrates his 70th birthday today, has done just that. ‘Lynchian’ is a term I’ve certainly used, usually […]

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“Are They Records?” Horror Fandom and the Laserdisc Phenomenon

Posted on 01/09/16 by Keri
evil dead laserdisc

By Guest Contributor Marc Lissenburg The above exasperating question was often put to horror fans around 20 years ago, when proudly displaying the latest additions to their film collections. The query arose due to less informed peers confusing analogue vinyl music (‘records’ as they were commonly known) with a groundbreaking digital development in domestic movie […]

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Ben Bids Farewell To 2015

Posted on 01/01/16 by Ben
He Never Died - Rollins hungry

By Ben Bussey Happy new year everybody! So, 2016 is here – and with it, the seventh birthday of Brutal As Hell, which first went live all the way back on New Year’s Day 2009. As such, my customary end of year review is perhaps a little overdue, but I’ve found myself struggling with it […]

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Nia’s End of Year Round-up 2015

Posted on 12/30/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi It’s that time of year again, when I put my memory to the test and realise, once I’ve finished, that I’ve left dozens of titles out of the running for my round-up of favourites of the year. It’s always going to be a subjective list, and almost certainly arbitrary – I admit […]

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Quin’s Top 10 (Plus 1) of 2015

Posted on 12/30/15 by Ben

By Quin For months now, I’ve been listening to Bret Easton Ellis prattle on and on about how he (and some of his filmmaker friends) believe 2015 was the worst year of all time for movies. For the record, he wasn’t too fond of 2014 either. He’s absolutely wrong about both years. But, I must […]

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2015 in Film: Keri’s Pick of the Bunch

Posted on 12/23/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea My god, this year has flown by, and once again I find myself pondering what I most and least liked in the year which is death-rattling as I type – with the usual proviso that I haven’t even seen all of the films I was most interested to see, for the usual […]

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Quin Binge-Watches The X-Files (Season 2)

Posted on 11/09/15 by Ben
X-Files season 2 DVD

By Quin If you missed part one of this ongoing series in which X-Files virgin Quin pops his cherry season-by-season, click here. And if, like Quin, you not already familiar with the show, watch out for spoilers. A few weeks ago, I began my very late introduction to the hit television show The X-Files. Please […]

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Trick or Treat: Horror Masks and Halloween at the Movies

Posted on 10/27/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea Over the years, the festival of Halloween and the horror movie industry have become almost symbiotic, extensions of one another, with one feeding the other. Take Scream, for instance: I remember the exact model of mask used in the film being around way before the franchise came into being; it was another […]

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Trick or Treat: All Hallow’s Eve 2 (2015)

Posted on 10/26/15 by Ben
All Hallows' Eve 2

By Quin Exactly the way I discovered All Hallow’s Eve in 2013, the sequel All Hallow’s Eve 2 appeared on the iTunes horror page just like the unmarked video tapes find their way to unsuspecting viewers in the two films; I seriously hope this is going to become a regular thing. The list of sequels […]

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Trick or Treat: All Hallow’s Eve (2013)

Posted on 10/25/15 by Ben

By Quin I saw Damien Leone’s All Hallow’s Eve when it was first released to VOD in 2013. It was a film I had heard absolutely nothing about before discovering it in the iTunes horror section, but I was intrigued by the cover art and the synopsis. The fact that it was an anthology film […]

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Trick Or Treat: Halloween II (2009)

Posted on 10/23/15 by Ben
Halloween II 2009

By Ben Bussey Continuing our October thread on Halloween-set horror, I decided it was time to take on a movie I’d made a point of missing on release, and hadn’t found the will to watch until now. Back in 2009, the idea of Rob Zombie doing a sequel to his 2007 Halloween remake seemed even […]

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Interview: Axelle Carolyn, Producer/Director on Tales of Halloween

Posted on 10/16/15 by Ben

Interview conducted by Nia Edwards-Behi Axelle Carolyn is the mastermind behind the massive Tales of Halloween anthology film, soon to be unleashed by Epic Pictures. Big thanks to Axelle for taking the time to answer a few questions for us about the film! BAH: Anthology films are experiencing a bit of a comeback, in the […]

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Trick or Treat: Tales of Halloween (2015)

Posted on 10/15/15 by Ben
Tales of Halloween

By Nia Edwards-Behi The recent resurgence in anthology horror films seems to have slowed down this past year or so. However, with Tales of Halloween, the subgenre’s given a bit of a shot in the arm, taking on a different format to other anthologies which string together a series of shorts with only a very […]

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Trick or Treat: Hellions (2015)

Posted on 10/12/15 by Ben

By Nia Edwards-Behi I’ve briefly raved about Hellions before on this site, in my preview of FrightFest 2015. Well, now the film’s set to hit home-viewing, just in time for Halloween, and I’m really looking forward to many people picking it up and seeing it for themselves, because more than anything, it’s a film that […]

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Quin Binge-Watches The X-Files (Season 1)

Posted on 10/12/15 by Ben
X-Files Season DVD

By Quin Slightly over 22 years ago, the first episode of the X-Files aired on television. This past weekend at New York City Comic Con, attendees got a first peek at the premier episode of what is going to be a brand new 6 part mini-series of the show that is arguably one of the […]

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Trick or Treat: Pay The Ghost (2015)

Posted on 10/06/15 by Ben
Pay the Ghost

By Ben Bussey As this new release is set at Halloween, we figured it was a good fit for our seasonal thread Trick Or Treat, devoted to checking out the best and worst in horror movies set on October 31st. Read on to see which category this one falls into… It’s difficult, if not impossible, […]

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