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Welcome to Asami August!

Posted on 08/01/15 by Ben

By Ben Bussey August 2015 is a special month for us here at Brutal As Hell. As one of our favourite contemporary actresses, Japanese B-movie icon Asami, celebrates her thirtieth birthday on the 19th, we’ve decided to mark the occasion with a month-long celebration of all things Asami. If you’re already a confirmed fan of […]

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No Jump Scares Needed: 5 Stand-Out Supernatural Scenes in Horror Cinema

Posted on 07/30/15 by Keri

Pardon me a ‘get off my lawn’ moment, if you will: supernatural horror-making in recent years has gone down the drain. Oh sure, on occasion you’ll see a film which has its moments, but the fact that this often strikes us with such genuine surprise and delight should testify that for the most part, supernatural […]

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FrightFest 2015: Nia’s Top Picks & Must-Sees

Posted on 07/30/15 by Ben

Horror in Miniature: Five Terrifying Tabletop Experiences You Should Own

Posted on 07/29/15 by Ben

By Dustin Hall Gencon 2015 is next week, that’s the world’s largest tabletop and role-playing game convention, and with it will come a bevy of new offerings to the gaming world, including several fine new horror entries. While the filmic world of Horror may be languishing in a found-footage induced funk at the moment, Horror […]

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Horror in Art: Habet! By Simeon Solomon

Posted on 07/15/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea That lesser-known member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Simeon Solomon, caused quite a stir when he exhibited his painting, entitled Habet! at the Royal Academy in 1865. Up until that point, he had been known for his religious tableaux and his sleepy, rather sexually ambiguous groups of figures – reclining lovers, figures lost […]

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“Choke On ‘Em!” 30 Years of George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead

Posted on 07/04/15 by Ben

“Everybody Out of the Water!” 40 Years of Jaws

Posted on 06/24/15 by Ben

Why us critics aren’t just a bunch of bastards (or at least, don’t have to be)

Posted on 06/10/15 by Ben
Theatre of Blood

By Ben Bussey The jumping-off point for the diatribe to follow is also perhaps one of the most commonly-voiced sentiments of our time: I read something yesterday on Facebook which upset me a bit. Chris Alexander of Fangoria – the publication without which I think it’s fair to say the vast majority of us in […]

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Editorial: Five Shitty Modern Horror Tropes (Part 2 of 2)

Posted on 06/10/15 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea (Editor’s note: for the first part of Keri’s kvetching, please click here.) Right, where was I? I’d finished talking about the hideously wronged catwalk models who can thenceforth magically bend girders and all the Keepers of Knowledge who fall out of (or leap from) high buildings, or otherwise race to their deaths […]

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RIP Richard Johnson

Posted on 06/06/15 by Ben

Editorial: Five Shitty Modern Horror Tropes (Part 1 of 2)

Posted on 06/06/15 by Keri

BIFFF 2015 Review: Goodnight Mommy (Ich Seh Ich Seh) (2014)

Posted on 05/03/15 by Ben
PLAKAT Kinostart Oesterreich FINAL-END 02122014.indd

By Nia Edwards-Behi Sometimes a film experience comes along that’s difficult to review. One the one hand, I want to explain my experience of it, but on the other… it’s difficult not to provide a certain type of spoiler. I don’t plan on literally spoiling anything, but sometimes there are certain expectations of a film […]

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‘Like’ this discussion of Unfriended

Posted on 05/02/15 by Ben

By Keri O’Shea and Ben Bussey Given how Blumhouse Productions have come to more or less completely dominate theatrically released horror these last few years, and how frequently their output leans toward ghost stories and/or found footage, at a glance it’s easy to assume their latest release Unfriended might not offer anything new. However, your intrepid […]

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Easter comes early – watch Dustin Wayde Mills’ Easter Casket free online now

Posted on 04/01/15 by Ben

A Decade in the Darkness – The Descent 10 Years On

Posted on 03/11/15 by Ben

Minor rant: Please, won’t someone think of the adults?

Posted on 03/06/15 by Ben

Sexual terror, excessive synths & incongruous clams – Ben & Keri discuss It Follows

Posted on 03/04/15 by Ben
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