The Brutal As Hell Team

Ben Bussey – Editor/Staff Writer
An unassuming resident of Northern England who somehow wound up in charge of a site set up by two Americans, Ben has been writing for Brutal As Hell since its inception in 2009, and editing since around 2011. Further strings to his bow include an MA in Cult Film and Television from London’s Brunel University, and a short story collection, From The Gut. He also writes for Yahoo! Movies UK, and has contributed to Scream Magazine, The Big Picture and What Culture. A child of the 1980s through and through, he maintains that The Monster Squad is the single greatest film ever made. Contact, or alternatively find him on Twitter or Facebook.


Keri O’ Shea – Editor/Staff Writer
Keri has been a horror fan for as long as she can remember, something which has a lot to do with the proximity of her birthday to Halloween, and fondly remembers poring over old Mysteries of the Unexplained books as a kid, giving herself nightmares about old woodcuts and tales of hauntings – but going back to the books again and again. She’s been writing for Brutal as Hell for around six years and picked up editing duties a few years ago. Keri has also contributed to Horror Extreme, Sex Gore Mutants, Strange Things Are Happening, Diabolique Magazine, Nihilista, The Vault of Horror, Scream Magazine and more. Keri has an eclectic taste in horror, loves to champion innovative indie cinema and has a bit of a thing for Jess Franco movies.


Nia Edwards-Behi – Contributing Writer
Nia is a doctoral student in Aberystwyth, UK, where she’s researching the marketing and reception of controversial films from the 1970s and their remakes. When she’s not thinking about that, she’s usually thinking about some other aspect of films, be it horrific or otherwise. In addition to her academic pursuits, she also helps organise Abertoir, the National Horror Festival of Wales, which takes place every November. She can be found on Twitter (though she rarely shuts up): @stonecypher



Tristan Bishop – Contributing Writer
Tristan’s interest in the darker side of cinema began when, aged 4, he discovered his sister’s VHS copy of House By The Cemetery left unguarded. He didn’t get around to watching the film for another 16 years but the artwork alone sparked an obsession. His understanding mother let him tape the late night BBC horror double bills from the age of 9 (Scars Of Dracula was a real education!), and whilst devouring these classics he also started to read books on horror films by the likes of Alan Frank. During his teenage years he briefly became lost to the lure of arthouse cinema, but a chance encounter with a magazine with Peter Cushing on the cover rekindled his fire at the age of 18, and soon after he started to explore the wide world of genre cinema, taking in blaxploitation, spaghetti westerns, gialli, sexploitation and all manner of groovy things inbetween. When he isn’t waxing lyrical about Donald Pleasance, Godzilla and Spanish horror he can be found moonlighting as a DJ (under the name Dellamorte) and as the founder of internet radio station Barricade Radio.


Quin – Contributing Writer
From as far back as he can remember, Quin always wanted to be a movie critic. When most of his friends were into Batman, Quin idolized Roger Ebert. He considers himself to be a well-rounded horror fan. He doesn’t watch horror specifically looking for blood and guts, but has still been known to find that enjoyable. His interests lie as wide as the Universal monsters of the 1930’s to mumble-gore. He loves geeking out on film history. He enjoys documentaries on pretty much anything. When he’s not critiquing film, he tweets and tumbls. He occasionally fills in on a radio show called Far Out Podcast! His stomach can digest the shell of a turtle, but he prefers to eat Mexican food.


Dustin Hall – Contributing Writer
Dustin Hall is a megalomaniac from the small town of Baldwin in Kansas, now wandering the deserts of Las Vegas in search of new victims. He was probably conceived at a Van Halen concert and raised on a diet of sci-fi and horror movies, fed to him from a disturbingly young age by his uncle. Somehow, this led to a career in writing and collecting unemployment checks. He is also the Senior Editor at video game site, and is working with PMP Productions on making a few horror films of his own.



Matt Harries – Contributing Writer
As a mere snot-nosed stripling, Matt stumbled unawares upon the image of Christopher Lee as Dracula playing on late night television. For some years, his nightmares were haunted by this vampyric visage, but over time this transmogrified into a fascination with life’s Stygian aspect – and a solid conviction that Satan definitely has all the best tunes. An unashamed devotee of Lynch, Herzog, Gaiman, Gira and the horror films of the 80s, he can usually be found hunkered over a pack of Maoams, staring at a blank screen, listening to ZOM.


Karolina Gruschka – Contributing Writer
Karolina is a Polish born German who has been fascinated by ze horror imagery since she was a little girl. She did her Undergraduate in Film/TV Studies & Performance Studies, followed up by a Master of Arts in Performance Art at the University of Aberystwyth/Wales. The focus of both degrees was on Horror, Cult, Extreme Cinema and rituals as well as extreme Body Art practices. Since her graduation she’s been a bit of a drifter, but art, horror and dancing have been a constant, stopping her from going mad.



Previous contributors: from 2015

Stephanie Scaife, Contributing Writer 2010-2015
RIP Steph, and thank you.




Svetlana ‘Comix’ Fedotov, Contributing Writer 2012-2015






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