Brutal As Hell is Horror. We love every bloody thing about this genre. We consume it. We live it. Our tastes range from modern blockbuster hack n’ slash flicks to the most atrocious and obscure b-movie schlock. We spend an unhealthy amount of time watching it and can’t shut up about it.

You can find us all over the globe… literally. We’re regular attendees at the Film4 FrightFest in the UK and Fantastic Fest and SXSW in the US. We hit the horror cons too. Whether it’s the latest film festival or horror convention we’re constantly scouring the world of horror to find new and interesting films and news bits to share with you.

We write with passion and love for the genre and we’re not afraid to call the shots as we see them. Some say we’re irreverent. We say we are “Horror Without Mercy”.

Brutal As Hell features original monthly columns, news, film reviews, and interviews. We’re constantly growing, evolving, and honing our editorial vision in order to become the premiere horror destination on the web.

Contact Information:
For review/interview requests, news announcements, etc please contact: ben@brutalashell.com
For Advertising Inquiries: sales@indieclick.com

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