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Interview: Adam Rehmeier Speaks Out on the BBFC’s Ban of ‘The Bunny Game’

Interview by Aled Ll Jones of Editor’s Introduction: Since we first watched The Bunny Game earlier this year in February we’ve become fairly good friends with the film’s director, Adam Rehmeier. We’re big supporters of his independently made artistic vision and in the past have taken the opportunity to speak at length with both […]

Review: Low (2011)

Review by Annie Riordan “A-ha! The timeless wonder of the English countryside.” ~ Rik Mayall True horror doesn’t always bloom within the darkest shadows of the night, nor does it require the ominous herald of a thunderstorm. Sometimes, the most harrowing sidesteps into horror occur beneath the bright light of midday, when there are no […]

Movie Review – Jonas (2013)

By Annie Riordan Editor’s note: for another review of Jonas, check out Nia’s thoughts here. Margaret White – Carrie. Harry Powell – Night of the Hunter. Mrs. Carmody – The Mist. Dad Meiks – Frailty. Christabella – Silent Hill. Torquemada – The Pit and the Pendulum. Isaac – Children of the Corn. The above list […]

Film Review: Jonas (2013)

Review by Nia Edwards-Behi I’ve almost no doubt that there are very few genre fans – particularly those who frequent this website – who haven’t heard of The Bunny Game. Adam Rehmeier’s first feature film was a collaboration with the performance artist Rodleen Getsic, a stark and brutal examination of suffering and of release. The […]

Contest: Win A Signed Blu-ray of ‘The Bunny Game’

by Marc Patterson Adam Rehmeier’s The Bunny Game has stirred up the hornet’s nest in the world of horror. Some love it while others loathe it. None stand indifferent. Personally speaking, while I’m extremely pro-Bunny Game I’m also pro-polarization. The worst crime a film can commit is to be forgettable. Some think The Bunny Game […]

‘The Bunny Game’ – First Teaser Poster Emerges

by Marc Patterson Autonomy Pictures isn’t fucking around, mincing words, or pulling punches. They’ve unveiled the first teaser poster for The Bunny Game and it really cuts to the chase, graphically giving would-be viewers a real glimpse into the film’s intensity. While generally speaking I do like it, my first thought was that it remains […]

The Return of PollyGrind!

It’s been called “the key festival for indie cult filmmakers to land distribution deals.” Its founder and programmer has been called the “new champion of unabashed B-movie sleaze.” Those praises might seem a bit outlandish, but with the official announcement of the PollyGrind Film Festival’s schedule, it’s easy to see where they come from. Chad […]

Film Review: ‘The Bunny Game’

The Bunny Game (2010) Directed By: Adam Rehmeier Cast: Rodleen Getsic, Jeff Renfro, Coriander Womack & Drettie Page. Review By: Annie Riordan Editor’s Note: In the article The Bunny Game, An Ecstatic Vision Quest of Torture, Death and Rebirth, Editor-in-chief Marc Patterson takes an in-depth look at The Bunny Game infusing elements from a series […]

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