Well, that’s a new look for you Mr Leprechaun… (updated with video)

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Ben

By Ben Bussey

Alright – I doubt there are too many of us who hold Leprechaun particularly close to our hearts, are there? I mean, it was a fun but utterly lightweight series, first and foremost an excuse for Warwick Davies to wear silly clothes, make a plethora of bad puns whilst speaking in rhyme, and ultimately get some rappers to sing “Jesus loves me this I know, if he don’t I’ll find a ho.” However, it seems WWE have somewhat loftier plans for their soon-to-be-released reboot Leprechaun: Origins… i.e., they want to actually (gulp) take it seriously and (double gulp) make it genuinely scary.

And so we have… this. Hornswoggle as the Leprechaun himself, who has been conspicuous by his absence from the marketing thus far, finally revealed at San Diego Comic Con. We’re a bloody long way from Warwick Davies here.

I’m not sure what to make of this, I’m really not. This is kind of a cool monster design, and perhaps the fact that it’s a million ways away from what we’d expect is a good thing – but I dunno. If they tried to relaunch Ghoulies with the central monsters redesigned to look like Cenobites, we’d wonder what they were smoking, wouldn’t we? I can’t pretend that anything I’ve seen of Leprechaun: Origins thus far (notably this preview clip) has inspired much confidence. Oh well, those so inclined to see how it fares will be able to do so soon enough, as it comes to VOD in the US from August 29th, then DVD and Blu-ray on September 30th, from WWE/Lionsgate.

UPDATE: And now, courtesy of EW, we have our first look at the ‘Leprechaun’ (or possibly the younger sibling of one of the crawlers from The Descent) in motion, confirming that – yes – this does indeed look like a big pile of poo-poo.

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