Fapper’s delight! Embrace of the Vampire (original & remake) Blu-ray bound

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By Ben Bussey

I’ve long considered the term ‘guilty pleasure’ to be just a little redundant when it comes to the sort of stuff we like to cover here at Brutal As Hell. Sure, we’re discerning in our own way, but a fair quota of graphic violence and shameless titillation, hand in hand with a lack of common taste and decency, is usually a sign of quality in our book.

That said, I’m sure I don’t speak for everyone when I say I have an unabashed (and perhaps slightly unhealthy) love for Embrace of the Vampire. Look, I’m a heterosexual male in my 30s; I was a teen when this sordid little gem first materialised, and the sight of Alyssa Milano with very little clothing had not yet grown overfamiliar. Do you really need me to elaborate? Even so, when word first broke that it was being remade, I certainly wasn’t about to cry blasphemy. Who would? More sexually charged vampire action; why the hell not. It’s a bit bizarre to think it’s from the same company behind the remake of I Spit on Your Grave and its upcoming sequel – but I’m not sure I’m in the correct frame of mind to contemplate the implications of that right now…

Anyway, it would seem the Embrace of the Vampire remake (with Alyssa Milano’s role taken by Sharon Hinnendael – nope, I’ve never heard of her either) is done and dusted, set for release straight to Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray on 15th October; though we’ve yet to see a trailer, some new images have popped up online earlier this week, plus the official artwork which premiered at Dread Central. And just in case the new film doesn’t prove fap-worthy enough, the 1995 original is hitting Blu-ray at the same time, in glorious high definition that’ll really make Alyssa’s breasts pop. (Ouch.) This one will also be released to Region 2, on 21st October.

Scroll on down for the not especially exciting stills from the remake, and the new Blu-ray cover art.

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