Abertoir 2013 to screen The Haunting, with Richard Johnson in attendance

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By Ben Bussey

The Haunting: surely we can all agree it’s one of the very best horror movies ever made, yes? If you don’t agree, ask the person nearest you to kick you in the genitals. If you’re only familiar with the Jan de Bont remake, ask them to kick you in the ribs a few times while you’re down.

Yes, it’s an absolute bloody classic, which makes this some very exciting news from our good friends at Abertoir, the international horror festival of Wales based out of the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Roll on November…

Here’s the announcement, direct from the Abertoir Facebook page:

Opening the festival this year will be a very special celebration of the 50th anniversary of one of the finest horror films ever made: Robert Wise’s The Haunting. To make this celebration even more special we’re very excited to announce that we will be joined by star Richard Johnson, who plays Dr. John Markway. The veteran actor will be taking part in a special Q&A after the screening.

Johnson provides something of an originally unintentional link to one of the films we’ll be showing in honour of our second special guest. On Saturday night we’ll be screening the well-loved Zombie Flesh Eaters, before hosting an in-depth interview and discussion with maestro Fabio Frizzi. Long-time collaborator of Lucio Fulci and composer of over 70 film soundtracks, we’re very proud to be welcoming Fabio to the festival. This leads us up to our regular live music event, in which members of Zombina and the Skeletones join us back in Aber with their latest project: White Blacula! Following the band will be a special DJ set by Bronnt Industries Kapital, who’ll be spinning a Frizzi-heavy DJ set of Italian psychotronic soundtracks drawn from a world of warlocks, zombie conquistadors and face-eating tarantulas.

All that barely scratches the surface, so stay tuned for some more announcements shortly…including how you can get tickets!


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