First images from All Cheerleaders Die, & news on Toronto Film Festival’s Midnight Madness

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By Ben Bussey

Set to have its world premiere at this September’s Toronto International Film Festival is the latest glossy horror remake… only this time, barely anyone has ever seen the original. As we reported last November, writer-directors Lucky McKee and Chris Siverston have reunited to redo their own debut film, 2001’s All Cheerleaders Die. Dubbed a ‘refreshingly smart horror comedy,’ the movie is screening as the opening film of  TIFF’s Midnight Madness strand, which will also play host to a number of other notable new movies, some of them world premieres. Amongst others, there’s Eli Roth’s long-awaited return to directing, The Green Inferno; Mike ‘Absentia’ Flanagan’s new movie Oculus, with Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff; and the first western screening of Sion Sono’s Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

Read more about what’s on at Toronto International Film Festival here.

But as far as All Cheerleaders Die goes – can we learn much from these images? Attractive women, one without much clothes and a bit of blood in her mouth; one looks she’s biting the other on the hand… bit of the old sex and violence, with sapphic overtones, and in that I suppose kind of evocative of May, McKee’s breakthrough movie (and, I think, still career highlight). I am pleased to see the film referred to as a ‘horror comedy;’ after the equal parts impressive/repulsive The Woman (a film I admired on first viewing, but have had no desire to revisit since), I’m ready to see McKee do something more light-hearted. As for Siverston; nothing I’ve seen from him has moved me much one way or the other (I seem to be one of the few who didn’t particularly care for his take on Jack Ketchum’s The Lost), so I’m just curious to see what he comes up with.

TIFF’s brief synopsis: “A high-school outsider’s plot to revenge herself on the captain of the football team turns bloody when some phantasmagorical hijinks get tossed into the mix.”

Thanks to Fangoria for bringing this to our attention.

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