Dracula: Year Zero has risen from the grave…?

Posted on April 9, 2013 by Ben No Comments

By Ben Bussey

Once upon a time, we couldn’t move for new Dracula movies. Nowadays, aside from Argento’s camp classic in waiting, nobody seems able to get one made – or, at least, progress is slow indeed. Rising costs of transporting Transylvanian soil worldwide, maybe? I dunno. In any case, the past few years have seen no less than three Hollywood Dracula movies announced – Neil Marshall’s Last Voyage of the Demeter with Viggo Mortenson, Eli Roth’s Harker with Russell Crowe, and Alex Proyas’s Dracula: Year Zero with Sam Worthington – none of which we’ve heard a great deal about since. Until today, at least – as it seems the Dracula: Year Zero project is on the move again, unsurprisingly with a complete change of the guard: Gary Shore is directing and Luke Evans is playing the lead, and the film is now entitled simply Dracula. Yeah, that’ll really make it stand apart, guys.

Shore’s a commercials guy making his feature debut, while Evans is one of those would-be leading men yet to have had a real breakthrough role – a situation not helped by supporting parts in such mediocre fare as The Raven and Paul WS Anderson’s Three Musketeers, and I can’t imagine playing the villain in the next Fast & Furious flick will help him that much either. Presumably this is still intended as a period origin story, as was reported back in 2010 – but honestly, fuck knows. If it started out set in the dark ages it’s probably now set on an orbiting space station, and Dracula can turn into a pterodactyl instead of a bat, and he’s susceptible to stakes made out of fibre glass. Stranger things have happened. But hey, Michael DeLuca’s producing, and he wrote In the Mouth of Madness, so this can’t be all bad. Oh wait, he wrote Freddy’s Dead: the Final Nightmare as well…

Needless to say we’ll be following this one with great interest. Ahem.


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