Tucker & Dale to battle Evil again?

Posted on March 13, 2013 by Ben No Comments

By Ben Bussey

After catching Eli Craig’s Tucker & Dale Versus Evil at FrightFest 2011, I remarked that “it’s long since become routine that every new comedy horror should garner comparisons with Shaun of the Dead, but this is perhaps the only time to date that the comparison is truly justified.”  Marc was also thoroughly impressed, counting it among his favourite movies of that year, calling it “hands down… the best horror comedy of the year.” I must confess that it didn’t hold up quite so well for me on second viewing – the festival atmosphere can count for a lot – but it’s still without doubt one of the best films of its sort so far this decade, even with admirable competition from the similarly-themed I Didn’t Come Here To Die.

As such, I greet the news that a second Tucker & Dale movie may be in the works with cautious optimism. Tyler ‘Dale’ Labine is quoted thus at Fangoria:

“Eli Craig, Alan and I have been talking quite a bit… Our producers from the [first] movie have been lining things up, as far as trying to secure a budget, and we’re trying to make sure we don’t put together a piece-of-shit sequel by rushing into it, but also trying to do it in a timely fashion, because we know now would be a good time to get things rolling. That being said, nothing is greenlighted yet.”

This could be a tricky one. As much fun as the original is, and as endearing as its characters are, there’s a very great risk of any attempt to recapture that vibe winding up just being the same old shit all over again. Yes, it could easily be… ‘ulp… The Hangover II of horror. I trust that Craig and co are smart enough to recognise that danger and not run headfirst into it, much in the manner of a deranged college kid jumping into a wood chipper… either way, we’ll be watching out for this one with interest.

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