V/H/S Shaking Up UK Cinema Screens in January (Plus Sequel News)

Posted on November 1, 2012 by Ben 1 Comment

By Ben Bussey

The press release calls V/H/S “an absolute must-see for horror fans.” Many reviews concur. For myself, I can’t really comment, as when I saw V/H/S at FrightFest this summer, I wimped out and left after 30 minutes. It turned my stomach. Nothing to do with the content (well, not much), but all to do with the nausea-inducing shakeycam that invariably comes with – ominous thunderclap – found footage. And, to be frank, that which I did see didn’t inspire too much confidence. But I seem to be in the minority; V/H/S has been one of the most well-recieved new movies on the festival circuit this year, garnering such praise that a second installment has already been announced, with several contributing directors already confirmed in Eduardo (Lovely Molly) Sanchez, Gareth (The Raid) Evans and Jason (Hobo with a Shotgun) Eisener.

And now, courtesy of Momentum, V/H/S will be hitting UK cinemas on 18th January 2013. I’m not going to beat around the bush – there’s no way in hell I’ll be venturing into a cinema to see this again, and I pity the screen staff of any place that shows it if the patrons have been piling up on hot dogs and nachos. But while I and any other British cinemagoers with a delicate disposition might be better off waiting for the DVD, those of cast iron stomachs can get out there and judge for themselves if the fuss was worth it.

No confirmed BBFC certificate yet, but given the level of (to use the buzzword of FrightFest 2012) ‘rapey’ content, I’d be astonished if it isn’t an 18.

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  • Nia says:

    If V/H/S is the ‘future of horror’, as one of those poster quotes claims, then I want out. The film has its moments but good lord, it was generally just a bit horrible, and not in remotely a good way. Saying that though – I’d be quite interested to see Edwards’ and Sanchez’s segments of a sequel.

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