Tommy Wirkola May Write His Name in the ‘Dead Snow’ Again

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by Ben Bussey

It hasn’t exactly been a slow news week for us horror fans, what with the first peek of The Evil Dead remake emerging (which we didn’t cover here due to general principle of not sharing bootleg material), and the murmurs that Sam Raimi may be directing a Poltergeist remake (which we didn’t cover because it simply would have read NO NO NO for a few paragraphs). Now, at last, this week gives us a snippet of news which I’m actually happy to hear, and subsequently happy to share, not least because it isn’t remake related. Our trusty old pals Fangoria report that Tommy Wirkola, fresh from completing work on his upcoming US debut Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, may well be going back to his roots for his next feature by heading back to his native Norway to shoot a sequel to his breakthrough Nazi zombie flick Dead Snow.

Fango quote Wirkola thusly: “When I first started taking meetings here, there was interest in doing an American remake of DEAD SNOW, but that was never that interesting for me.” (To which we say – hooray!) “We have been talking about doing a sequel to DEAD SNOW, with some American involvement, but no, not in the U.S. It will, like the first one, be shot in the north of Norway.”

The trailer for Hansel and Gretel seemed to divide opinion – I thought it looked great, a lot of other people thought it looked shite – but Dead Snow was one of the most enjoyable splatter movies of the past decade, its gleeful tone a welcome break with the norm in these dour days of torture and found footage. Without wanting to sound like a broken record, I’m dying for horror movies to get fun again, and happily 2012 has seen a definite shift in that direction (Cabin in the Woods, [REC]3 etc). In this climate, a continuation of Dead Snow would be most welcome.

Don’t you agree? I mean, who wouldn’t want to see more of this…? (Note: this clip contains Dead Snow spoilers.)

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