‘[REC]4: Apocalypse’ Teaser Arrives

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Ben No Comments

by Ben Bussey

There may be a certain irony to posting this today, given that on this very site we’ve not long since declared that found footage needs to die. But hey – if it’s got to go, it deserves a mighty swansong. What better than the final installment in arguably the best found footage series, [REC]?

Twitch got the scoop on this brand new teaser which was just shown at Sitges. And this really is a tease, given that it actually doesn’t feature any new footage at all, but it does confirm that, as promised, this final installment will be carrying on directly from the ending of [REC]2, with original star Manuela Velasco returning. This will doubtless be music to the ears of those who were less than pleased with the different direction taken by [REC]3: Genesis. Bloody killjoys if you ask me – [REC]3 was ace, and a most refreshing change. Still, if this grand finale does indeed live up to its title and deliver an apocalypse, I’m very excited to see what form it takes. I just hope that, since [REC]3 opened the floodgates somewhat, Jaume Balaguero doesn’t feel he has to keep it 100% found footage again.

Assuming the actual apocalypse doesn’t occur this December, we can expect [REC]4 in 2013. 

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