Ti West. Eli Roth. ‘The Sacrament.’ Alright.

Posted on September 6, 2012 by Ben No Comments

by Ben Bussey

According to Variety, “Worldview Entertainment has come on board to finance and produce Ti West’s horror thriller, “The Sacrament,'” with Eli Roth producing. And… that’s all we know. No plot details, nothing. But it’s reason enough to be sitting up and paying attention.

Here at Brutal As Hell, we love Ti West. When we started up our Definitive Directors thread last year, discussing the filmmakers we consider the most important and innovative of our time, he was our first entry. Sure, his first toe in Eli Roth territory – the enjoyable but uneven Cabin Fever 2 – was not the happiest experience for either filmmaker or audience, but House of the Devil and The Innkeepers are two of the most unique and memorable horror films of the last decade. And given Roth promises “we want to make this Ti’s first mainstream movie, without sacrificing the quality and unflinching horror of the subject matter“… that’s an exciting prospect, no? 

Looking forward to hearing more on this one.


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