‘Spiders 3D’ Trailer. Need we say more?

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by Ben Bussey

Like any self-respecting horror fan, I like to think it takes a lot to really freak me out. Torture, dismemberment, evisceration? Pah. I’ll watch that at breakfast time. However, throw in arachnids, particularly those of significant size, and I’ll be leaping to my feet and leaving the room quicker than you can say “hey, what’s that crawling up your leg?” Spiders… they are Beelzebub’s footsoldiers, I tell you. And damn all of you who aren’t scared of them. How is it so? Are you carved out of bronze?

However – one thing less likely to send me running to the hills, much in the manner of Iron Maiden, is a good old-fashioned creature feature; and from the look of things, that’s just what we can expect from Spiders 3D. Directed by Tibor Takacs – the man behind the classic 1987 kiddie horror The Gate – and starring Christa Campbell and that guy no-one remembers from Starship Troopers, it’s all about… well, I guess the title says it all. Although it doesn’t say one key thing – these are spiders from space!

Ain’t it Cool got the scoop on the trailer, which has a nice, classic giant monster movie vibe to it – and if there’s one kind of movie of been longing to see return to the big screen, it’s giant monsters, thankyouverymuch Pacific Rim/Godzilla 2014. And I’ve got to say, this really looks pretty good considering it’s not a mega-budget affair. Dread Central interviewed Takacs about the film recently, wherein he revealed the Bulgaria-shot film was concieved on the notion that “we could take kind of a Syfy Channel budget and turn that into a big screen 3D movie.” And hey, whether you like the look of the trailer or not, you must admit – in terms of FX/production value, it looks better than SyFy standard.

Enjoy – but try not to get too excited, as according to IMDb the film won’t be released until October 2013, despite having been finished last year. (Let’s try not to dwell too much on that, either…)

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