Mike Flanagan’s ‘Oculus’ Gets Another Sci-Fi Siren

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by Ben Bussey

The new film from Absentia director Mike Flanagan really is shaping up to be Nerdvana. First it was announced that soon-to-be ex-Doctor Who star Karen Gillan would be taking the lead role, and now we learn she’s being joined by Katee Sackhoff, latterly of Battlestar Galactia and the short-lived Bionic Woman reboot. Yep, Amy Pond and Starbuck in the same film. Just add Summer Glau and we’ll be positively drowning in geekgasms.

But seriously… this is a film that definitely should be on the horror radar. I’m still championing Absentia (and pimping my review) to whoever will listen; it really is one of the best of the year, and marks out Flanagan as one to watch. For that reason alone we should be interested in Oculus. The fact that it keeps providing us excuses to post pictures of sexy actresses is just the icing on the cake.

Regarding Sackhoff’s role, quoth Deadline: “The plot begins a decade after a terrifying family incident left two young children orphans. Although her brother was charged with murder, Kaylie (Gillen) is convinced a haunted antique mirror is the real perpetrator and years later wants prove that the mirror was responsible for destroying their family. Sackhoff, who stars on A&E’s Longmire, will play Marie, the mother to a younger version of Kaylie. Director Mike Flanagan co-wrote the script with Jeff Howard, and FilmDistrict is distributing in the U.S.” 

Update: Here’s the trailer for Flanagan’s original short film from a few years back, which provides the basis for this feature. Should give us a vague idea of what to expect. Only, you know, with prettier actors. No offence to that guy.

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