‘Hidden in the Woods’ Trailer is Sickeningly Brutal and Tragically Trite

Posted on September 2, 2012 by Deaditor 2 Comments

by Marc Patterson

One of the films that premiered at FrightFest UK this year was Hidden in the Woods, a rape/revenge exploitation (kind of) film from Patricio Valladares.

I don’t know about some of you older movie viewers, but I’m finding myself increasingly disenchanted with films that showcase nothing but intense brutality. I hate to come off as a curmudgeonly critic, but seriously, where are the films that have a real statement to make? Well, here’s another one that makes extreme violence its calling card, and after two minutes doesn’t appear to promise much more than a generic brand of brutality that genre fans are all too familiar, and worn out, with. However, in case Hidden in the Woods actually has some substance to it we’re taking note, like a double asterisk footnote buried in small print.

Synopsis: An explosion of exploitation, this culture shock to the system is a raw slice of demented energy. Inspired by true events, it’s the terrifying tabloid story of two sisters raised in forest isolation and subjected to torments from their abusive drug dealer father. When they finally report him, he chainsaws the two investigating cops to death and is jailed before he can tell psychotic drug lord Costello the exact location of his remaining stash. So Costello sends violent henchmen to find the missing merchandise hidden somewhere in the woods. But first they have to deal with sisters Ana, Anny and her mentally handicapped son who now live by their father’s rule – “All men are animals and you hunt animals to eat”! Reaching heights of deranged frenzy unlike anything seen before, director Patricio Valladares is yet another exciting talent to emerge from the current hotbed of South American horror.

Directed by Patricio Valladares. Starring Siboney Lo, Carolina Escobar, Daniel Antivilo, Jose Hernandez and Serge Francois Soto. Chile 2012, 97 mins.


  • stonecypher says:

    It’s not just ‘older’ fans who are disenchanted – I don’t think I heard any positivity about this film at FF and I managed 50 mins or so and that was more than ample to decide that it was irredeemable – technically or ‘morally’. It was just pointless (and I like a lot of those ‘immoral’ films).

  • Keri says:

    I’m with you Marc. These endless torture tableaux are lazy, boring and stupid.

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