Christina Hendricks. Fetish Club. We’re sold on ‘How To Catch A Monster.’

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Ben 3 Comments

by Ben Bussey

I’ll admit, while I’d already heard that Christina Hendricks had been cast as the lead in How To Catch A Monster – the directorial debut from her Drive co-star Ryan Gosling – I hadn’t paid much attention until now. Why yes, I am that shallow, thank you for noticing.

In an interview with the actress at Vulture, the upcoming film is surmised thus:

… the film casts Hendricks as a single mother “supporting two children and trying to provide a home for them and a place of comfort in a continuously harder place to be,” explains the actress. “And I find myself working in this very surreal club that gets me into a sort of predicament, and in the meantime, these boys are off on their own adventures and they discover this underground city.”

And the key, final sales point:

Exactly what kind of club does her character work in? Are we talking “gentlemen’s club”? “Book club,” perhaps? Hendricks thought the question over, unsure whether she should say. “Fetish club,” she allowed…

And just like that, the film’s stock rises exponentially.

But lest you think this article is nothing more than a feeble excuse to enliven a slow news day with a hot picture of Ms Hendricks (and really, what would give you that idea?), How To Catch A Monster does sound like a movie with real potential. First off, given what a great actor Ryan Gosling has proven to be, we should be at least curious to see how he fares as a director, particularly given how far removed this seems from the work he has done in front of the camera. And horror films based around kids are very close to my heart, given it was the likes of Critters, The Gate above all The Monster Squad that served as my entrance point to horror fandom, and this sounds like it will take that kind of concept onto a really epic, fantastical scale. And presumably the mother’s job alone will keep this above a PG. Just hope it’s considerably better than the most recent effort in that area: the rather feeble Under The Bed, which I was very disappointed with at this year’s FrightFest.

Look forward to hearing more on this. And if any subsequent reports on this necessitate posting more pictures of Ms Hendricks – well, so be it.


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