UK TV News: Horror Channel’s World SINema Season

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by Ben Bussey

Here’s a teeny tidbit of televisual terror to tempt and tantalise… and that’s all the alliteration I can handle right now. Read on for details of an upcoming mini-season from our good friends the Horror Channel, direct from the press release:

Gore goes global as Horror Channel serves up three slices of sinful celluloid in its World SINema Season – three premieres that highlight taboo, terror and blasphemy – Fridays at 22:55 from 7 Sept, 2012.

The season kicks off on Friday Sept 7, 22:55 with THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE (2001) from Spanish Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro. Beautifully shot and immensely creepy the film explores two different types of horror – the very real horror of war and the exploration of horror experienced through a child’s eyes (Carlos), one of ghost’s and the supernatural.

Guillermo has stated this is his favourite work so far, and was a 16 year labour of love. It was influenced by early memories of seeing his uncle come back as a ghost and the creepy spectre that appears to Carlos was based on the pale faced ghosts in Japanese horrors like The Ring.

Next up on Friday Sept 14, 22:55 is THE ANTICHRIST (1974), which delves dangerously deep into the blasphemous aspects of demonic possession.

Ippolita, a young woman wheelchair-bound and sexually frustrated, finds herself under the spell of Satan himself when she becomes victim to an ancestral curse of witchcraft and possession. She starts seducing local men, only to kill them and an exorcism seems to be the only solution to stop the madness. The controversial Satanic orgy scene will certainly have a few tongues wagging with its implication of bestiality…

The last in the season on Fri Sept 21, 22:55, is one of the most absurd, gruesome French horrors ever made – BABY BLOOD (1990).

Yanka, a young circus performer, is pregnant but morning sickness and fat ankles are the least of her problems when a new leopard from Africa is delivered to the circus – a beautiful beast hiding a hideous creature within. And as the months progress, Yanka suffers from an overpowering appetite… for blood. Or rather, her unborn baby is screaming for it. And she is forced to kill and kill again…

Horror Channel is on Sky 319, Virgin 149 or Freesat 138 – visit to learn more.


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