UK News: Possible Issue with [REC]³ Génesis Discs?

Posted on August 31, 2012 by Ben 1 Comment

by Ben Bussey

Hi guys. So when I put my laptop on this morning I found I rather strange and tersely worded e-mail from our friends at Fetch Publicity regarding the upcoming Region 2 DVD/Blu-Ray release of [REC]³ Génesis, the third installment in the Spanish series. Everyone at Brutal As Hell who has seen the film thus far has, to the best of my knowledge, thoroughly enjoyed it and suffered no adverse side effects, but this e-mail from Fetch cautions that this has not been the case all around. Well… okay, just so I can’t be accused of misrepresenting things, allow me to quote the e-mail directly:

Dear Ben,

This is an urgent message to anyone who has received a review disc for the forthcoming REC Genesis.

We believe these discs to be contaminated and they MUST NOT BE HANDLED.

This short video (below) shows what happened in our offices at Fetch Publicity to the staff member who mailed out the discs:

This turn of events seems beyond comprehension and we have to put your safety and of the public who may become affected first, so we would be very grateful indeed if you can post this video onto your site.

Also for anyone who believes they may have a disc or knows of someone who has become infected please use the #RECvirus Hashtag on twitter so the appropriate authorities can monitor any spread and send teams where needed.

Please let us know that you have read this e-mail so we know you’re safe and send us any links to your news story – we need your help to alert as many people as we can.

We do not know how this has happened and we can only try and do the right thing and urge people to spread the word so we can prevent any more horrific deaths.

With profound regrets,


My gut impulse, naturally, was to dismiss this as paranoia, but having myself seen the film on the big screen at FrightFest rather than on disc, I suppose it’s possible I would be unaffected. To check with the matter I tried getting in touch with Marc, who was the first among us to see it. All I heard down the line was a kind of incoherent grunt… but then I was calling the US from the UK at 8.30am BST, so perhaps I woke him up, and he’s just not an early morning person. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to reach Nia, who was next to recieve the disc, but all I got was a brief answerphone message in which she was short of breath and said she was going out to procure a Bible and/or a chainsaw.

I dunno what to tell you folks. Make of all this what you will. All I can say is that [REC]³ Génesis is an enormously entertaining movie, and well worth running the risk of some adverse side effects, I think. As a great man once said, if you gotta go, go with a smile. Should you choose to run the risk, [REC]³ Génesis is in select UK cinemas from today, then hits Region 2 DVD and Blu-Ray from 7th September, from eOne.


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