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Horror movie toys have been a staple for kids and collectors alike since the Built-It-Yourself, Creature from the Black Lagoon kits of your daddy’s day. It’s as simple a formula as horror movies and comics, or horror movies and video games; fun, easy tie-ins that we can all enjoy. But while these two have plenty of fans to rant and rave about them, it seems like movie toys are going the way of plastic lunch boxes and hot wheels; mainly, the trash of childhood. Well, I am here to say NO MORE! No more will adults hide their toys away from the eyes of the public like a teenager’s porn collection! No more will it be the stuff of hipsters and the ironic! And I’m not the only one.

Our friends over at Funko Pop! Toys, the creative force behind the cutest superhero toys this side of Japan, has turned their eyes to horror movies and boy, oh boy, are they awesome. Fan-favorites such as Jason Voorhees and Mike Meyers to cult icons like Mars Attacks have all seen toy transformations from gloomy, blood thirsty killers to big-headed, sharply painted figures just the right size to sit on your DVD shelf. You can cuddle them! You can juggle them! You can make them fight each other in a fort you built yourself! The sky is the limit!

Each toy is made with a hard vinyl build and painted in big, pop colors similar to the Urban Vinyl toy trend. Urban Vinyl is an artist-based toy trend first started in the late 90s that broke away from traditional toy design and embraced the unique artistic visions of its creators. Essentially, it’s like graffiti but for toys. The movement has taken the world by storm and though it still stands for fun, unique toys for artists and collectors, you now don’t have to pay out of your ass to get a limited figure of 50 pieces. You can hop over to your local comic/toy store and be treated to the hottest toys the world has to offer. Such is the muse of geekdom that Funko Pop! Toys have embraced and every toy is solidly painted and solidly built for even your most terrifying nights of horror watching.

Most of the toys also come in a soft plush style, so if stuffed animals are more your thing, feel free to grab some of these squeezable little guys as well. The vinyl toys are 3 ¾ inches tall and come in their own, tough cardboard box for those who prefer to keep their toys in pristine condition. Grab yours while you still can, before I beat you up in the alley behind the school for your sweet Freddy Krueger toy.


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