DVD News: ‘Bio-Slime’ Finally Scores a Release Date

Posted on August 11, 2012 by Deaditor 2 Comments

by Marc Patterson

This is total insanity, but it was just over three years ago – that’s right THREE YEARS – that we first reported on Bio-Slime, a sleazy, ultra-gory gross-out about a vicious alien creature born of genetically engineered primordial sludge, set loose in a low-rent industrial building on the bad side of town. It’s not like I’ve been sitting on pins and needles over here waiting for this indie gore flick to find a distributor, but it has been one that I’ve re-visted from time to time just to see where things were at. To be honest, as of about six months ago I’d pretty much given up hope. This morning, however, I’ve just found out that Bio-Slime will finally get a DVD release thanks to Media Blasters, a company that frankly I thought went tits-up.

I don’t know anything more than what Amazon is telling me, which is that Bio-Slime will see a November 13 release date. I don’t expect anything in the way of extras. Media Blasters was never really good about their DVD packaging. In fact, I seem to remember a couple of DVD’s from the mid-2000’s that weren’t even given a proper menu. At any rate – if you’re a fan of this sort of stuff (and we imagine you may as well be, if you’re reading this) then put this one on your wish-list. I’ve gone ahead and pre-purchased it, so expect a review as soon as Amazon drops this one in my mailbox.

Bio-Slime is a siege/survival styled horror flick surrounding seven people who become trapped in a room with only a single door for possible escape. With a biologically created nightmare trying to ooze, seep, and creep its way into the room the seven come under constant attack falling victim to this blood thirsty creature. The only hope the seven have is to try to get out of the room and grab the case the creature came from in order to find a way to destroy it. Of course all hell breaks loose creating what we only hope will be some highly enjoyable and utterly disgusting mayhem.

Trailers, images, and all sorts of delightful stuff below.

Original Trailer:

Final Trailer:

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  • John Lechago says:

    That was news to me too! Yeah, we held out for an actual DVD release, which is not common anymore for microbudget horror. Most go directly to digital distribution now.
    Finally made it! The release will also coincide with the release of my latest with Fullmoon for RedBox, “Killjoy Goes to Hell”. It’s due about the same time.

    • Deaditor says:

      Glad it was able to happen for you John. Now let’s hope Media Blasters does a decent job with the release. I can’t wait to check it out.

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