UK News: ‘The Aggression Scale’ Coming to DVD & Blu

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by Ben Bussey

Marc called it “a grindhouse movie without the grindhouse edge;” the press release calls it “what Home Alone would have been like if it had been a gritty, violent thriller.” Either way, The Aggression Scale – hitting the UK in September – has my interest. While I was ultimately underwhelmed by director Steven C. Miller’s microbudget debut Automaton Transfusion (or Zombie Transfusion as it was retitled in the UK), there’s no denying he packed in a hell of a lot of bang for buck, and I gather The Aggression Scale should pack similar visceral thrills. I’m also hoping Miller proves a good fit for the upcoming Silent Night Deadly Night remake, so if this is a good one it may go some way to persauding me on that.

The Aggression Scale is released to DVD and Blu-ray on 3rd September from Anchor Bay (incidentally, the BBFC have not yet confirmed the 15 certificate). Synopsis, stills and trailer ahead:

Released from prison on bail for 48 hours after being charged with murder, ruthless crime boss Reg Bellavance is planning on avoiding a life behind bars by skipping the country with his young son. But first he needs to lay his hands on the illegally gained stash of cash he had put aside to fund his departure. Bellavance places the task of finding the money in the hands of hitman Lloyd and his accomplices, instructing them to hunt down and kill anybody who could possibly have been involved in the money’s disappearance. Their bloody trail of murder and destruction eventually leads to the new home of Bill and Maggie Rutledge and their kids, Lauren and Owen. On paper, this particular hit should be the easiest and most rewarding of the lot. What Lloyd and his goons don’t know – but are soon to find out – is emotionally disturbed Owen has a secret history of violent behaviour that makes their exploits look like child’s play in comparison.

Directed by Steven C. Miller (Scream Of The Banshee; Zombie Transfusion), the man behind the soon-to-be-released suburban nightmare shocker “Under The Bed” and the highly anticipated reboot of the 1984 cult classic “Silent Night, Deadly Night”.

Written by Ben Powell (Satanic), the film stars Ryan Hartwig (Parks And Recreation; Cold Case), Fabianne Therese (John Dies At The End) and Derek Mears (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; Predators; Friday The 13th) and reunites “Twins Peaks” stars Ray Wise (Mad Men; X-Men: First Class; Reaper) and Dana Ashbrook (Crash; The Kill Point).

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