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I know I usually review comics, but I decided that the world needs to know about this fantastic website. Besides, it’s the easiest thing I can review and then have you guys go check out right away. I mean, you’re already on the internet, so it’s not really that hard to go and take a look…

The SCP Foundation is an online wiki of fan-made horror in the form of ‘government’ files. I know that there is a lot of crappy fan horror made to look like urban legends online (*cough*creepypasta), but this is some solid stuff. The SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect) was made to look like a secret government organization that gathers supernatural phenomena, contains it, and studies it. Each file begins with a creature or a place that was found by the SCP and goes into detail on how it can be contained. It goes on to describe the creature and its particular attributes and what it does, followed by various experiments performed on it. Like I said, detailed stuff.

A quick example is SCP-015: Pipe Nightmare. It’s a building that grows and changes its pipes on its own. Different pipes grow randomly – pipes made out of various organic and inorganic substances, like ashes, human flesh, and glass. If the pipes break, they spurt out various substances, such as rats or entrails, at the person who broke them. Another favorite of mine is SCP-051: Japanese Obstetrical Model, a Japanese doll designed to open up and reveal the works of a pregnant woman. Anytime this doll was handled by a pregnant woman, the woman would give birth within 24 hours to a really fucked up looking kid and the mother would die. The infants were then terminated by the SCP Foundation and the doll contained.

I’m warning you now, this site is addicting. I have spent hours reading all the files and the files within the files and the files that connect to other files. There are literally hundreds of these things. This website has a huge network of people that contribute to the site. Why, in fact, you can contribute as well! That’s right, anyone is welcome to add a file to the organization, like a real wiki. If you’re lucky, someone might even be inspired to make something about your entry. Two of the entries had already been made into independent video games ( has released a beta version of a game based on a file). Hell, they even have staff meetings at random conventions that you can attend to talk about all things spooky.

So, kick back and grab your big bag of Cheetohs because you’re gonna be spending the next few days in front of the computer, getting fat on internet horror (’cause I’m sure you don’t know what that’s like.) Check out the site and enjoy!




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