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by Ben Bussey

Just had word from Eureka Entertainment that genre distibutor Monster Pictures (whose releases are handled by Eureka in the UK) have got some exciting new releases on the horizon. Probably best known for bringing us the Human Centipede films, as well as Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and some choice J-sploitation such as Helldriver and Erotibot, Monster Pictures are steadily establishing themselves as a label that fans in the UK and Australia need to keep an eye on. They’ve taken on a new manager for their UK branch in Helen Grace, founder of Left Films (themselves responsible for releasing, amongst others, next week’s DVD release Blood Car), who had this to say: “Monster Pictures has forged such a strong identity with their distribution of edgy and innovative ‘new cult’ films that don’t shy away from controversy, I am thrilled to be part their expansion in the UK. We have some very exciting releases coming up for genre film fans, and the company is also making great headway with its VOD platform – it’s a great time to be immersed in independent genre film distribution.” Helen also tells me Left Films will be continuing as normal, with upcoming releases including a comedy and a music documentary.

Amongst the upcoming Monster releases are a few titles that BAH readers may be familiar with (engaging cut & paste mode):

Coming soon from MONSTER PICTURES UK

Excision (Festivals, Limited theatrical, DVD & Blu-ray release)

At its premiere at Sundance Film Festival this year, critics called the debut film from Richard Bates Jnr “HEATHERS meets David Cronenberg”. Starring AnnaLyne McCord (90210) as an almost unrecognisable teenage misfit with disturbing desires and shocking perversities that set her at odds with her controlling mother, teachers, and peers, Excision continues a long tradition of horror films with compelling female leads, such as Scream, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Birds, and Psycho. The film also stars Traci Lords, Roger Bart, Jeremy Sumpter, Malcolm McDowell and John Waters.

Midnight Son (Festivals, Limited theatrical & DVD release)

Midnight Son is a gritty, realistic new look at the vampire genre, which premiered at Frightfest. Winner of multiple awards including Best Off the Edge Film at the Omaha Film Festival, Silver Raven Award at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Best Feature at Another Hole in the Head Film Festival & Audience Award for Best Feature at the Mile High Horror Festival.


The Inside (Festival & DVD release)

One of the most terrifying found footage films ever made. Written, directed and produced by Eoin Macken (Gawain in BBC’s Merlin series) with a cast including Emmett Scanlan (Hollyoaks) and Tereza Srbova (St Trinians, Inkheart, Siren). The Inside will have its worldwide premiere at this year’s Frightfest.


Dear God No! (DVD)

Dear God No! is a tribute to a lost regional drive-in film from 1976 that doesn’t rely heavily on computer gimmicks, and cuts to the core of what made these low-budget films shockingly fun. No pretty actors – just a rocking original soundtrack, bikers, babes and blood, and as many naked breasts as the script would allow. Dear God No! is a twisted fairy tale for beer drinkers and hell-raisers.


The Fallow Field (DVD)

Memento meets Wolf Creek set against the backdrop of an English harvest time. Director Leigh Dovey’s debut The Fallow Field is a reminder that British horror is very much alive and kicking.



We can expect further details including release dates in the months ahead. In the meantime, read Annie’s review of Midnight Son, Marc’s review of Dear God No! and my review of The Fallow Field. (And if you happen to have seen that review when it first came online… I haven’t forgotten either.)


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  • Nia says:

    Yaaaay Helen! Yaaaaaay Midnight Son!

    I really disliked Excision, though I can imagine it’s going to do really well. And I don’t mean that in a ‘wah, my opinion is right and you’re all idiots for liking it’ way, more in a ‘I’m a boring mothertrucker who just didn’t get it’ sort of way…!

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