Liam Neeson Kicks Ass in ‘Taken 2’ Trailer

Posted on July 30, 2012 by Deaditor No Comments

by Marc Patterson

Liam Neeson has become a truly fierce badass in his late career. Not that he hasn’t been a badass all along, but his latest string of films, which include Batman Begins, The A-Team, The Grey and of course Taken have brought out his angry action-star side. And I like it. A lot. The newest trailer for Taken 2 has hit the web today. It’s the “FULL” version, which means you get to see a shit ton of Neeson doing what he does best – kicking ass.

Taken 2 is set against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of Istanbul. The film is pretty much exactly a carbon copy of the first, except the bad guys are badder, the explosions bigger, the car stunts crazier and Neeson even more pissed off than ever. Get all aboard the pain train. Trailer and poster below.

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