Indie News: ‘Dust Box’ Wraps Production, First Reaction

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Deaditor 3 Comments

by Annie Riordan

Principle filming has been completed on Ronny Carlsson’s “Dust Box,” the Swedish filmmaker’s second feature length film and third in his unofficial trilogy (Recompence and Regissoren being the first two). There’s still some fine-tuning, obligatory tweaking and old-school editing to be done, but I was one of the very privileged lucky few (and by “few” I mean “two people on the face of the earth, me being one of them!”) who got to view the rough cut in its entirety, just this afternoon. You want the world’s shortest review ever? How about this: “WOW!”

Dude. This is one of the smoothest “rough” cuts I’ve ever seen. Stuffed with gorgeous summer greens and autumn golds, bursting with blood and sorrow, boasting yet another hot Swedish naked chick and all of it underlined by a bleakly distorted soundtrack which could freak out Trent Reznor, all I can say is this: Dust Box is going to be Carlsson’s best work thus far, his Magnum Opus, his pièce de résistance…until he surpasses himself again next time around, that is.

Official Facebook Page with Teaser Trailer


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