Boogie on down with ‘Dead Sushi’

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by Ben Bussey

Good ol’ Twitch. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you can always count on them to liven up a quiet day online with something weird, wonderful and invariably Japanese. Such is the case now, with this gloriously silly clip from Noboru Iguchi’s latest, Dead Sushi.

I rather doubt anyone really needs a synopsis, but what the hell, here’s how FrightFest sum it up: “Attack of the killer sushi! When Keiko is disowned by her sushi chef father, she finds work in a resort hotel catering to the up-market business sector. But when a party from a nearby pharmaceuticals research facility check in, little do they know a former crazed employee is about to take his revenge. For he infects the fish being prepared for a lavish meal and before you can say “Pass the wasabi”, Keiko and the sexy staff must fight off an onslaught of razor-toothed sushi, demented squid and a California roll battleship. It’s a nori nightmare as Keiko fights alongside her new best friend Eggy, the Tamagoyaki hero, fends off vinegar rice-spewing zombies, a tuna terror and a soy boy, in an all-singing, all-dancing fishy holocaust. Beware the yolk kiss and you might learn the right way to eat sushi properly in this absolutely hilarious sashimi shocker.”

Course, all we need to hear around these parts are the names Noboru Iguchi and Asami. That’ll do it. Sold.

Dead Sushi is set to premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival, and will be screened at London’s FrightFest soon thereafter. See more stills at Twitch.

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