Tom “The Dude” Hodge Rocks ‘Frankenstein Created Bikers’, Poster Revealed for DGN! Sequel

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by Marc Patterson

It’s a general rule around these parts that we DO NOT publish articles announcing poster art for a film. To our editorial staff, for which I’m the EIC, doing so is considered hyping up a film, playing to the marketing machine, etc. We try to play fair and only support films we’ve seen and love and want you to see. But we don’t live in a black and white world and once in a while some poster art comes along that actually lives up to its title, putting an emphasis on “art”. On these rare occasions the art is so compelling that you want to see the film no matter what anyone says. Such is the case with nearly every artistic effort that flows forth from the mind of Tom Hodge. I’ve got a few of his posters in my house now and I’d REALLY like to add this one to my collection.

For those of you living under a rock, or at least not regularly reading these pages, Frankenstein Created Bikers is the follow-up effort to Dear God No! a fuckin’ brutally fantastic exploitation film from James Bickert and Big World Pictures. So, I doubly have no problem supporting this film.

Right now there is no word on what the release date will be for Frankenstein Created Bikers. Bickert and crew are working on making the film happen even as we speak. But in the meantime, you can now purchase Dear God No! on DVD (and soon Blu-ray), and of course – you can admire the awesomeness of this kick-ass poster.

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