Brit Horror ‘The Reverend’ Preaching Our Way This Summer

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by Ben Bussey

Just had word from Metrodome of a British horror movie that will be coming to cinemas and DVD in August. A low-budget production with an impressive cast – including Rutger Hauer, Doug Bradley, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Emily Booth and, erm, Shane Richie – The Reverend certainly looks to be an eccentric take on the vampire movie. Judging by the trailer, we’ve got a secret society of vicars, cockney wideboys, foxy vamps and a bloke in a Viking helmet. And, of course, a fair bit of the old viscera.

Official synopsis: Fresh from seminary school, a new Reverend (Stuart Brennan) arrives at his first parish; a small chapel in an apparently idyllic country village. But something sinister lurks beneath the surface, and late one night it comes to his door in the guise of a frightened little girl… Waking the next morning with a bloody bite, insatiable hunger and no sign of the girl; The Reverend sets out on his mission.

With striking visuals from one of Britain’s rising directors and a stellar cast of horror legends (Rutger Hauer) and Brit heroes (Shane Richie, Tamar Hassan), packed with action sequences, gore, Vampires and chicks and an original story loosely based on the Biblical book of Job; The Reverend promises to leave you thirsty for more…

The Reverend gets a UK theatrical release from the 3rd August, then hits Region 2 DVD on 6th August. Be on the lookout for our review.

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