Art House Indie Horror ‘Dust Box’ to Mark Follow Up to ‘Récompence’

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by Marc Patterson

Swedish filmmaker Ronny Carlsson’s short horror film Récompence blew both Annie and me away when we saw it, (reviewed here), so it is with a bit of excitement that I’m sharing this next bit of news. Carlsson is back at it with a follow-up to Récompence. This one is titled Dust Box and it’s currently in production. While there is no word about its absolute complete date has been announced Carlsson was cool enough to shoot us over some preliminary details. If you’re a fan of artistically crafted cinema that blurs genre lines then you owe it to yourself to put this film on your watch list. Additionally, Carlsson shared with us a link to where you can go see Récompence. Details on that are below.

SYNOPSIS: A happy couple are trying to get pregnant but are failing each time. Eventually the woman’s mind snaps and she enters a world of her own where she becomes pregnant. She starts seeing how her man is ignoring the baby that is growing in her belly and how he slowly distances himself from her.

Dust Box is the new Swedish feature from Film Bizarro Productions, and a follow-up to their 2010 short Récompence. Although not a direct sequel, a lot of style and themes have been carried over to this upcoming feature. Dust Box is an arthouse drama with some experimental horror elements, where the biggest inspiration is drawn from filmmakers such as Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky, Lars von Trier and Andrzej Żuławski, but also equally from more bizarre filmmakers like Shinya Tsukamoto and Nacho Cerdà. The film is currently in the middle of production with two thirds filmed already, and with a tiny budget of around $2000.

Written, directed, produced and edited by Ronny Carlsson, and starring the up-and-coming professional lead lady Mariah Kanninen and non-actor Robert Ericsson. The film is shot in HD by director of photography Mikael Johansson and features SPFX props by gore meistro Marcus Koch. Featuring music by Justin Curfman and his band Feeding Fingers. Co-produced by Preston Carnell, with two associate producers: Vincent Trocki & Craig Molden.

The previous short, Récompence, can currently be watched for free at Vimeo:
Password: bizman

For more information on the cast and crew:
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