The Idols of March

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by Annie Riordan

March 15th, 2012. It’s overcast here in Providence, Rhode Island. Supposed to rain tomorrow. I don’t believe it’s a simple case of condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling in visible drops either. The Elder Gods in the far reaches of the outer void are weeping on the city, mourning the loss of their father, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who died 75 years ago today.

Lovecraft died believing himself to be a failure. Little less than a century later, he is a God, the Divine Creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, the Master of Cosmic Horror whose works have inspired countless films, graphic novels, music and even paintings, plush toys and sculpture. I have a feeling that Lovecraft might have been slightly horrified at the sight of a drooling toddler stuffing the felt tentacle of a cuddly Octopi into his mostly toothless maw. But had he lived long enough to see himself made into a bronze-rubbed bust, suitable for placement on the grand piano, he might have well been moved to salty tears.

If you’re a Lovecraft fan, and you don’t know who Bryan Moore is, wtf is wrong with you? Former FX ninja, Bryan directed the only decent adaptation thus far of “Cool Air” and is the demented brain behind Arkham Studios, purveyor of warped toys and other disturbing goodies! He’s also just recently completed work on that bust I was telling you about. Check this shit out!

“When it comes to robbing graves, I like to think that I’ve been inspired (stolen) from the best of them. I’ve been fortunate enough to make an entire career out of raping the works of H.P. Lovecraft, but honestly tried my best to do the man justice in creating the best films and sculptures of his stories and characters that I possibly could. But, like all creative rapists, I’ve always left flowers at his shrine, his legacy. Thank you, H.P. I owe you a coffee.”

Bryan Moore (director of Lovecraft’s Cool Air and sculptor of many of Lovecraft’s characters at

Every click on that link is a flower on Howard’s grave. Do it.

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