‘La Memoria del Muerto’ Trailer is Viciously Violent and Surreal

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by Marc Patterson

Here’s your trailer for the day. Memoria del Muerto is the newest film from Argentinean filmmaker Javier Diment and showcases some real talent that’s dying to be seen by American audiences. The film seems to be inspired by the early work of Argento, but infuses itself with a modern aesthetic. Surrealistic, creative, hyper-stylized, and brutally violent are all words appropriate to the atmosphere this film. This is the kind of filmmaking that gets us excited about the genre.

The synopsis, (translated) as provided via the film’s official Facebook Page:
Forty-nine days after George’s death his wife, Alicia, calls friends who wanted to read over the letter that he left before he died. It is a very affectionate and moving letter, which addresses each of those present, knowing that his death is near. Little do they know that they are part of a ritual prepared by Alicia, with the connivance of Santiago, the closest friend of George, to bring him back to life – and that ritual, full of ghostly apparitions, traumatic and terrifying, will be gaining further life from each of the guests. The surprising twists in the plot will lead up to the most unexpected of endings.

Enjoy the trailer… This is truly going to be a horrifying and mind-bending trip into total darkness. I can’t wait!

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