January is Japanese Splatter and Exploitation Month!

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by Marc Patterson

I’ve been dicking around all day today thinking about writing five simple sentences but not quite getting a single one out. Then I realized something – just start writing, dumbass! Works everytime. See, I’m almost up to five sentences already.

Hey, did all you fuckers know that we just celebrated our third year online? Damn skippy! Just to think – three years ago we were suckling on the teat of mother wolf, sharpening our battle skills in snow covered forests… Ahhh, and look at what we’ve accomplished since that bloody birth into the wild world of horror film.

In 2012 I’ve decided to mix shit up a bit. Here are my new years resolutions (and then we’ll get down to business)

1. Kick ass. (That should go without saying)

2. Focus on what we know best. Sure – we do horror, but let’s get down to the dirty. What I enjoy the most are films brimming at the seams with gratuitous gore, shocking scares, explosive action, and of course some nice T&A. I figure it’s 2012. I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen at the end of the year, but I might as well live as though I’m going to die anyway. Fuck the rest.

3. I noticed last year that every time we did a “feature”, whether it be celebrating zombie films on “Zombie Jesus Weekend”, or heralding the awesomeness of Vincent Price, or just counting down to Christmas, we got a great reception from you all. So in 2012 we’re going to keep up that trend.

And without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that January is officially Japanese Splatter and Exploitation Cinema month. All month we’ll be talking up anything and everything Japanese cinema. Whether it’s some old obscure pinky violence flick made back in the 70’s or whether it’s a balls to the wall splatter fest from the crazy sombitches over at Sushi Typhoon we’re covering it. I have no clue what the month will bring. That’s another resolution – fuck organization. Let’s just play it out and see where we go. After all, can’t get much worse.

Hey… and to all of you faithful, you know who you are – those of you readers who have been perusing our pages non-stop for the past few years – Dammit, but I love each and every one of you. You all are the reason I keep doing this. That and I’m a bit neurotic.

Okay, so I’ve clearly stayed my hour. Welcome to Japanese Splatter Cinema – Brutal As Hell style! Can’t wait to get this shit rolling!

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