True Blood Recap 4.11: ‘Soul of Fire’

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by Britt Hayes

Aaaand we’re back! Thanks to Steph for holding down the True Blood recap fort in my absence last week!

Hands down, this week’s episode was the best of the season; it felt like a true penultimate episode, but after last season’s finale disaster I’m worried that next week’s season four finale will be a major letdown. It seems that Alan Ball & Co. know how to get all the plates spinning, but never how to bring them all down successfully. Sometimes I look fondly upon our time with Russell Edgington and then I remember how swiftly he was swept away and last year’s finale was all “WHERE’S SOOKIE?” this and “OMG SOOKIE” that. Sigh.

Let’s get the subplots out of the way first, shall we?

Terry takes Andy into the woods to his old hidey-hole fort to help him kick his V habit. This involves shooting guns and talking out old family issues. Later, as Andy’s walking home (the last, most important part of his rehabilitation, apparently), he encounters a faerie and they have crazy sex after she makes him swear to her Tinkerbell glo-worm finger. Maybe they’ll have a faerie baby who will kill Sookie for us!

Sam’s out for revenge on Marcus and his gang for killing Tommy, so he enlists Alcide’s help. Marcus kidnapped Emma, and Luna is frantic, intensifying the need to find Marcus quickly. In Alcide’s bedroom, Debbie is resisting Marcus’ advances, and guys, if Debbie Pelt thinks you’re a schizo, it might be time to check into Terry’s Rehab Resort (where all the comforts of home, including a handmade fort and guns, await you – homestyle chili provided by Chef Terry, licensed professional and chef de cuisine, and founder of the patented Armadillo Approach. Remember: if it ain’t Terry, it ain’t Fair…y… Okay, this has gone on for way too long and I think I have a new Photoshop project to work on).

Alcide pushes Debbie out of the way so Sam can kill Marcus, and then he gives this whole speech about not sharing flesh anymore. It’s like a creepy backwoods werewolf divorce. Then the two bearded fellows leave, just letting Marcus’ body lie on the floor all recklessly. Whatever, I guess Debbie can clean it up. It’s not like she has any personal grooming to do with Alcide gone, and I’m pretty sure she only knows how to make grilled cheese (on Sundays she cuts it into triangles!)

With Sookie stuck inside the Moon Goddess Emporium with a dangerous Marnie (who is now controlling Antonia), Eric, Bill, Jessica and Pam all ready their explosives to blow the hell out of the place. Thankfully Jason stops the group and alerts them to Sookie’s presence inside, which causes a divide in the group. Pam wants to proceed with the attack, but Bill and Eric decide to try a different approach. Inside, Marnie kills Fairuza Balk wannabe Casey when she tries to escape. Antonia is outraged by Marnie’s newfound cruel streak, so she vomits herself out of her host body, but Marnie isn’t letting her powerful friend go that easily. She gets to work binding Antonia’s spirit to hers in a moment that does not remind me of The Craft at all (“I bind you Nancy, from doing harm. Harm against other people, and harm against yourself.” Yeah, you know the words to that ish, too).

After a big tussle with the Marnie-operated vamps, involving a the witchy equivalent to a bug zapper, Marnie offers a compromise: she’ll let Sookie go, but only if Eric and Bill kill themselves. She drives a hard bargain, but obviously Sookie isn’t worth…. Oh, wait, Eric and Bill are actually going to kill themselves. Christ on a cracker. That’s when our girl Pam pulls out rocket launcher and blasts the crap out of that vamp zapper protective shield, injuring everyone in the process.

Back inside, Marnie forces everyone to circle up and chant a spell that will make the vampires walk into the shield against their will (learn a new spell already, you crazy jerk). Jason tries to stop it, but he’s only one man! One adorable, hilarious little hick-bro. Sookie gets angry and faerie-Hulks out, breaking the shield spell.

I wasn’t around last week, so I want to touch for a moment on the triumphant return of Asshole Eric. Can I get a hallelujah?! I mean, he was still going to kill himself for that blonde dwarf, but THERE IS SO MUCH FORGIVENESS IN MY HEART TO GIVE TO YOU, ERIC.

Eric shuns for Pam for blasting the shield with the rocket launcher against his wishes (it’s a rocket launcher, right? I don’t play Call of Duty or whatever), and she gets sad and runs away. I’m with Pam, you guys. “Fuckin’ Sookie” is right. How can you even consider choosing Sookie over Pam? Last I checked it’s your heart that’s dead, not your brain.

Jason gets hurt in the commotion, but Jess feeds him some more of her tasty blood and it’s OMNOMVILLE, POPULATION: JASON. Also, Jason admits he can’t stop thinking about her, so hopefully this relationship continues and doesn’t end in Alan Ball & Co. demonizing one character or the other when it inevitably sours.

Back inside the good ol’ Moon Goddess Emporium, Jesus has a plan. He’s going to use some of that coo-coo Brujo magic to get Antonia out of Marnie, using Casey’s dead body and some secret herbs and spices, you know, like KFC or Coca-Cola. Speaking of which, I could use that advertising check. Get at your girl, big company dudes.

Sookie gets trapped in a circle of fire, Roy gets his heart ripped out by Eric (THANK YOU, NORSE VAMPIRE FUCK GOD), and Antonia’s spirit is free thanks to demon-Brujo-face Jesus.

That leaves Marnie on her own and powerless, leaving Bill and Eric to finish her off with a gun.

Episode’s end finds Lafayette and Jesus laying in bed, with Lafayette reassuring his boyfriend that he did the right thing by aiding in the death of Marnie. As Lafayette begins to drift off, Marnie’s spirit appears and backwards vomits her way into his body, promising one hell of a finale.

Bonus points this week:
· “What the fuck, folks?!” Oh Jason. Don’t you go changing.

Points taken away:
· Tara.

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  • Deaditor says:

    Usually I don’t comment, but I can’t help myself.

    I’m not sure we were watching the same episode. I thought this was not only the worst show of this season, but perhaps the worst in the entire four seasons. Sure, plot lines were wrapped up, but in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable.

    I was so pissed at the close of the episode that I didn’t even want to bother with the finale. Of course I’ll watch the finale, because I’ve invested myself this far, but this whole season has been one big disappointment after another. Alan Ball & Company show they have no balls to make big moves. Two big thumbs down. – Marc

  • Steph says:

    I think it was an improvement on last week… but meh… I think this season as a whole hasn’t really been up to scratch.

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