Slash & Dine – Cover it With Gas and Set it On Fire! It’s ‘The Burning’

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Summer is coming to an end, but we can’t possibly let it slide by without talking about one of the best campfire stories out there, The Burning. Out at Camp Blackwood, a group of teenagers decide to play a prank on the camp’s caretaker, but it goes terribly wrong. What was supposed to be harmless, ends up setting the caretaker on fire, putting him in a hospital for years. Once he gets out, he has only one thing on his mind – revenge. Bearing huge garden shears, “Cropsy” stalks the island and begins to kill the campers one by one. While the plot may seem a little like Friday the 13th, the execution and special effects for The Burning put it near the top of our best slashers list. The murderous sprees from Cropsy (namely the brutal raft scene) were enough to put it on the infamous Video Nasties list and are enough for us to watch it every summer while we make these deadly dishes.

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