‘Knights of Badassdom’ Trailer Debut

Posted on July 24, 2011 by Deaditor 1 Comment

by Marc Patterson

The Knights of Badassdom trailer has just been released online this weekend and I have to say, it’s pretty fuckin’ AWESOME. I’m no LARPer, and I think Cosplay is silly at its best moment, but I’ll totally channel my inner nerd if it means I get to see this even a day sooner.

Live Action Role Players must become the heroes they’ve been pretending to be when they accidentally summon a demonic force for real. Starring Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage, Margarita Levieva and Jimmi Simpson.

Official Plot: After being dumped by his sexy girlfriend Beth, Joe (Kwanten) reluctantly decides to join Eric (Zahn) and his LARPing (Live Action Role Players) friends in the woods rather than stay behind and feel sorry for his newly single status. There he meets hot, ass-kicking, intimidating LARPer Gwen (Glau) and finds himself plunged into a surreal adventure wilder than he ever imagined when a make-believe wizard casts an all-too-real spell from an ancient book. That spell releases an actual demon with a taste for human blood – and souls – that starts systematically decimating the players in this suddenly deadly “game.” Will our guys become the heroes they have been pretending to be before time runs out?

Directed by Joe Lynch Knights of Badassdom is slated to hit theaters later this year. Actual date is currently unknown. See more at the official Facebook page.

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  • dominic says:

    Peter Dinklage has some great scenes as well with Summer.
    I saw at fansite Summer Glau Wiki that the movie wil be released in Spring 2012.

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