New ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ Trailer. Yes, It Still Looks Cool.

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by Ben Bussey

Man, it feels a long time since we first laid eyes on that tanatalising teaser for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. Not quite so interminably long as the gap between the Trick ‘R Treat trailer coming online and the film finally hitting DVD with a whimper, but getting close. We can rest easy, though, as despite the delays this highly anticipated horror film is set to get the theatrical release it deserves. Empire has given us access to a second, lengthier trailer, and informed us of a new UK release date, August 12th. (So yeah, that March release date I talked about back in February? Obviously I was wrong. Apologies to the thousands of you out there who hang on my every word.) Y’all Americans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer either, as stateside release is set for August 26th. 

Once more, I really like the vibe here; part old school haunted house flick, part Raimi spook-a-blast, with distinct echoes of The Gate thanks to those little creepy fellows, and all meshed together with the unmistakable celluloid adhesive we call Guillermo Del Toro. Hmm… okay, that might not be the best choice of words, but you get my drift. As a teaser, this movie looked like it should be damn good. This full-length trailer does not change things. Roll on August.

Update, 30th May 11: here’s a higher quality version of the trailer from Yahoo.

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