Happy 100th Birthday to Vincent Price!

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by Marc Patterson

Happy Birthday Vincent Price! Today would have been 100 years for the “Crowned Prince of Horror”. In honor of the momentous occasion we’re celebrating with a trip down memory lane, taking a look at some of those films from Mr. Price that have us fondly reminiscing and remembering this master of horror. These are the films we can turn to again and again when we need a good old dose of classic horror, the way they don’t do it anymore.

One thing that always struck me about Vincent Price was his easy going demeanor and effortless way he brought his characters to life. No matter what the role called for he seemed to pull it off in a natural way, as though he wasn’t trying, no doubt a side effect of his background training in stage theater. He could be mean-spirited and sinister or comically playful, sometimes in the same breath.

My earliest memory of Vincent Price (if I’m to be honest) would have to date back to the Muppet Show. For anyone of my generation this vaudevillian variety show introduced us to an array of actors, performers and artists we would eventually grow up to love on a whole new level. I remember seeing Alice Cooper, Mark Hamill, and many others appear on this show well before I was old enough to appreciate them on an adult level. Vincent Price’s guest appearance always stuck with me. It was my first real introduction to horror – the monsters, vampires, ghouls and the things that lurk in the shadows. To have had that introduction by a man as Vincent Price really set a tone for the years to come and for many years Vincent Price and horror were synonymous terms. When I finally started watching horror films it would be House on Haunted Hill that re-introduced Price to me, a film that I hold near and dear to this day.

So, today on his 100th birthday, we celebrate this master of the macabre. Please take a chance to check out our wonderful features, and join in the conversation by telling us about your favorite Vincent Price film, or moment, and take the opportunity to give it another viewing!

Here’s to you Mr. Price!

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Marc Patterson on House on Haunted Hill – (coming later today!)

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  • Dane Clements says:

    Thank you for all the chills and screams you have blessed us with over the decades! There will never be another such as you! We will always have your evil laugh to help us sleep at night! Ah hahahahahahahaha, AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Anna says:

    Just found this site. How cool to remember such a wonderful actor. He was a part of my life since Day 1. In fact, I never had any grandfathers and wanted Vincent to be mine!! Happy Birthday, dear Vincent. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and wit with us. There will never be anyone like you again!

  • Al Bruno III says:

    MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH will always be one of my favorite horror films. Price’s Prince Prospero is evil but he still comes to care for the woman he is trying to corrupt and in the end begs for her to be spared. It was a twisted kind of love story really.

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