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Posted on March 4, 2011 by Deaditor 3 Comments

by Marc Patterson

That’s right, FEARnet, the number one horror destination needs your help, and they really mean it. No, this isn’t a fake marketing blitz designed to make a lot of noise. Sometimes there is a real need for those people who are passionate about something to stand up and be counted. Right now that’s what we, and FEARnet, are asking you to do.

Here’s the deal; Back in October of 2010 FEARnet, which exists in 26 million homes as a provider of purely video-on-demand content did something spectacular. They took their well known and trusted brand and created a network channel for horror enthusiasts. Featuring an array of new and classic titles the network broadcasts 24/7 and provides viewers with a diverse mix of films. For example, this upcoming weekend you’ll be able to see the 1965 film The Collector, and then Ghosts of Mars, The Fog, and The Eyes of Laura Mars – all practically in one sitting. (If you have the stamina!) Other cool films you can catch this weekend include Hard Candy, Night of the Creeps and Nightmare Man. It’s an virtually endless array of horror sitting out there for the taking.

For horror fans this SHOULD be a real treat. We’re talking round the clock horror as a standard part of your television programming package. No pay-per-view, it’s right there any time of day.

But here’s the catch – Right now, only Verizon Fios subscribers get the channel (197 in case you Fios subscribers weren’t aware). Currently FEARnet HD is talking to all the major TV providers in order to expand their distribution, but sometimes it takes a second voice, that of the consumer – and that person is YOU.

I spoke with a representative from FEARnet who was able to tell me a it more about the programming, and what’s coming down the pike. I’m told, “We’re working to mix in some new and unexpected series, but I can’t really talk about those just yet. Our movies are a mix of old and new stuff – classics like An American Werewolf in London or cult William Castle pics mixed with TV premieres like The Grudge 3 and 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.” He goes on to state, “Between the movies we sometimes run shorter stuff – trailers, featurettes, shorts, behind-the-scenes, junkets, etc. Besides that, we’re working on ways to bring coverage of new releases and festivals to the network but, with only four months under our belt, we’re taking it one step at a time.

I know this diatribe is starting to sound a little like a Jerry Lewis PBS telethon, but hear me out… your call to action costs no money, just a couple clicks of your mouse. Simply CLICK ON THIS LINK to go to FEARnet.com. Once there, click on the button that says “GET FEARNET HD”. Take two seconds to fill out the form and viola! That’s all she wrote. You’ll have done your part.

The simple bottom line is that as avid fans of the genre we forget there are thousands of people out there who DON’T read websites like this, and those of our peers. They simply hit the local blockbuster or peruse through their Netflix, or check out whatever might be on the cable station. This is an opportunity for those of us who ARE hardcore fans to help spread the fear to a larger audience. So go ahead – take one minute – because that’s all it takes – and lend a voice to the cause!

And if you’re a fellow horror blogger I’d encourage you to spread the news. Hell, copy and paste this whole post. I don’t care. We’re not talking about hyping some big budget studio shitfest film that will be here today and gone tomorrow. We’re talking about supporting the genre we love on a large scale. In the words of Matt Damon to Vinnie Chase, “Do what’s right!”

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  • colin says:

    love the website free movies and blogs wish i had the channel on my charter cable

  • Mattsuzaka says:

    Word to that. I use a shitty small town cable company for my home (which doesn’t even have on-demand, but it’s cheap and the internet speed is good), but if the actual channel made it to Turner, I would make the switch in a heartbeat. I shared this with my readers as well, as I fully support FEARnet for all of the reasons you mention, and it would be a shame if this channel fizzled away due to poor support. Any horror fan would be crazy not to follow-up with this.

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