Indie Horror News: ‘Slices of Life’ Gets Picked up For VOD Release

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by Marc Patterson

Yesterday we received news that Slices of Life (review here) will be made available to fans of horror nationwide via a deal with Gravitas VOD. This deal will make the film (to be known as 3 Slices of Life), available to cable, satellite and telco VOD providers that include AT&T, U-Verse, Charter Communications, DISH Network, RCN, Verizon Fios and more. No confirmed word for Comcast Subscribers yet. The film will be available on March 1st.

Following this rollout TinyCore Pictures, the production company behind Slices of Life will receive a spring DVD release via Maxim Media International / Midnight Releasing.

What is especially interesting about this model of distribution is that it sets up micro-budget films to see a wider distribution model at a lower cost, thereby enabling the filmmakers to re-coup expenses, and godforbid, even turn a slight profit. Could this be a new model for indie film distribution, that might provide the most lucrative for filmmakers? We reached out to Anthony Sumner, director of the film as well as Eric Richter who co-produced for comment.

Anthony tells us “We have really tried hard to do a lot of research on the various marketing for low budget films, particularly with the decline of brick & mortar video stores. I realized early on that the way I personally see most new material is through my cable providers on demand service- so that is the option we explored most at the beginning of our journey into distribution. Gravitas Ventures is the absolute leader in On-Demand content- so we couldn’t have been more excited when they shared our excitement for 3 Slices of Life, and worked with The Bosko Group to quickly get us to market just before the roll out of the full featured DVD through Maxim Media International and Midnight Releasing.

He continues to tell us – “The On Demand profits for major pictures seems pretty underwhelming, but for micro-budgeted projects it is one of the most viable options to really reach a broad audience, promote and hopefully make a return on the investment- The cable operators run free promotion and actual advertising that we would never be able to afford so it supports and reinforces the DVD release much like the old drive-in and theatrical releases supported VHS and network sales.

I think that Magnolia has proved this model works and everyday I am seeing bigger and bigger names do something very similar with their films (Ed Burns, Brad Anderson, Kevin Smith and many more), so that makes me feel like we are on that we are on the right track even if at a much smaller level.

The other benefit of VOD is the broad spectrum of opportunites for the movie to reach more than just your television but also iPads, iPhones, game consoles and every possible media delivery device- which is HUGE considering how quickly the way people recieve and view content has changed in the last 5 years. Obviously we are very excited and see this as a great opportunity for 3 Slices of Life, horror fans and independent filmmakers alike!

Co-Producer Eric Richter echoed Anthony’s sentiments stating “It’s awesome from the perspective that we never could have done this 10 years ago- we never could have made a little no budget movie that could potentially be seen by such a large audience without having to front costs of DVDs, VHS tapes, etc… It’s insanely exciting.

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Slices Of Life (Teaser) Feature Film from Eric Richter on Vimeo.

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  • Victor says:

    Oh my dear God, “3 Slices of Life” was the worst piece of crap that I’ve ever seen (and I’m a guy who was forced to sit through “The English Patient and more recently Battle: LA). I just watched this god awful movie on VOD. I have a comfortable Lazy-Boy couch chair and my ass, nevertheless, was sore after watching it. The acting is so bad that I actually laughed when I witnessed it. The movie looks like it was filmed with an iPhone. The script is just plain stupid (I was gonna call the script “down-syndrome”-calibur retarded, but wait, that would be an insult to people with down syndrome). How does a mvoie like this get made from concept to screen? “3 Slices of Life” is the precise reason why so many talented-yet-failed screen writers and actors in Hollywood are found dangling from their ceiling fans every year. The only way you should watch this is if they pay YOU.

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