First Look at ‘Another World’, Israel’s First Zombie Film

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by Marc Patterson

For the second time in just over a month I find myself reporting on a horror film coming out of Israel. (First time for Rabies) Not sure what’s happening over there, but Another World is set to be the first zombie film the country has seen. We got word directly from filmmaker Eitan Reuven earlier today on his massive zombie film and discovered the film to be more sub-textually packed than Romero has ever dared to be over the past twenty years.

We talked to Eitan a little bit about what he feels will make his film set apart from other modern zombie films. He tells us “It is not the first time that I’m being asked that question. First, if you’ll watch most of these movies you’ll see that there is a pattern that is similar in all of these movies and there is nothing new. Why? Because it’s hard to innovate here. Everything has been done already, all variation of viruses and reasons for the outbtreak, all sort of plots that ends with finding a cure or end of humanity.”

As unencouraging as this initially sounds Eitan continue to tell us “However, we do take a big risk and we try to innovate in the depth of the story, the philosophic aspects and quality dialouge in order to address the sophisticated viewer who wants smart movies and also the viewers who seeks action, zombies and to have fun.” As you read the synopsis (below) you’ll find that this comes to play in the various aspects of the main characters.

I also asked Eitan about the climate of film in Israel, as we are starting to see more horror from the region. He tells me “The problem here in Israel is that most of the features that are made here are political, Israel’s wars, family drama. We do feel the change here as we have few action and horror movies – so Israel is stepping towards new genres and I’m glad for that. What we tried to do is a genre that was never done before – Post apocalyptic and the zombie genre.” Viewers will also notice the below trailer is not sub-titled but rather in English. An interesting detail that is not by accident as Eitan and his producer Shlomi Aviner wanted to create a film with as much wide appeal as possible, “We decided to produce it in English, so it will address any viewer in the world, rather limit it.”

Another World is a post-apocalyptic horror/science fiction film. The setting is in a near post apocalyptic future where a biological warfare program goes wrong, and turns most of humanity to mindless, murderous creatures (hence forth – “infected”). There are five characters, which are still uninfected, trying to survive constant attacks by the infected. Each one of them represents in some way a different aspect of human existence, a different world-view, but most important, a different moral view about the world and his/her place in it –

The Colonel – A professional soldier. represents the political-military-economic establishment, which
sees life as a constant violent struggle for power and resources.
The Doctor – Represents a commitment to love, justice and non-violent struggle against all wrong.
The Wizard – A young man, an inventor and an autodidact scientist, who looks at life as a puzzle to be solved. he strives to discover, understand and invent, with no thought as to the consequences.
The Daughter – A simple girl with simple ambitions – sailing through life enjoying every comfort, while ignoring or unaware of bigger and more profound issues.
The Mouser – A murderer and rapist, evil in the most banal aspect of the word.

The plot takes place during their last six days. All along, as the characters evolve, they listen to a daily radio program dealing with the extinction of the dinosaurs, finding correlating themes to their own situation. as the protagonists move and try to survive, and as their world views and correlations to the situation are gradually revealed, the following themes are explored: the essence of evil, the boundaries of moral responsibility, species (and humankind) extinction, love, grace, euthanasia and more.

Another World stars Carl McCrystal, Zach Cohen, Susanne Gschwendtner, Davina Kevelson and David Lavenski. The film is produced by Shlomi Aviner.

We have the teaser trailer and some exclusive images below:

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